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In 2024 I really wanted to be good about rounding up monthyl favorites. I’m bad about keeping all the things I’ve loved and shared orgainzed. I have been good about keeping my recent favorites uploaded here. And, I guess 2 months out of 3
Every year I say I’m going to round up my favorite things from the month. 2024 IS THE YEAR you guys. It’s happening. Someone hold me to this. Clothing Favorites 1. Leggings: These are my new favorite leggings. They are soft, opaque, and don’t
Is it just me, or did July come and go in a flash? Here are some of my favorite things from this past month. Wall Decals For Finley’s new bedroom redo, I used these daisy wall decals and they were SO easy to use
drop dress
Here are some of the things I loved using during the month of June. You’ll find a little bit of everything from things I’ve enjoyed using in the kitchen to beauty products. Wave Soda I have been loving this as a fun little pick-me-up
homemade iced matcha drink
Ilia Tinted Skin Serum  This serum is so good, it’s insane. This Ilia Skin Serum is tinted and protects my face from the sun with SPF 40. It looks so good but is super lightweight too. I love that it’s skincare and makeup in
Home Stuff 1. Black + Decker Dustbuster: I’m not sure how I haven’t had one of these in my life yet. EVERY parent needs a dustbuster. I use it daily for cleaning up little spills, the car seat, vacuuming up after I sweep, literally
This post is sponsored by Dunkin’ Dunkin’ Refreshers Dunkin came out with Refreshers this summer. They are made with iced green tea and are a source of vitamin B including B3, B5, B6, and B12! They are a super nice afternoon pick-me-up. Sometimes it’s

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