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Pretty excited to share baby girl’s nursery with you! (Even if her rocking chair isn’t here JUST yet.) Considering I didn’t ever do Miles’ nursery reveal until I think he was maybe 1-2 months old, I feel pretty ahead of the curve this time
With the arrival of baby girl, we had to do some rearranging in our house. Miles’ room was the “nursery” – which is basically just the smallest room in our house. We decided to keep the nursery as the nursery for baby girl, and
We recently started the process of making over our bedroom. But, now with the quarantine, I decided to use the time to put on the finishing touches. I wanted to cozy up the space a little more to really make it a sanctuary, especially
Our bedroom was in need of a little love. It’s was pretty bare and sad. Nothing hanging on the walls. No color. I decided I wanted to do a mural on the back wall because we don’t really have a ton of art to
We did a mini-makeover on our guest bathroom. And by “mini-makeover” I mean we didn’t touch any of the big things: flooring, toilet, sink, vanity. It’s essentially an aesthetic makeover. The reason being is we aren’t ready to invest in a new bathroom remodel

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