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I’m Kallie Branciforte, AKA That Practical Mom. I’m a blogger, YouTuber, mom x3, wife, and usually in need of another cup of coffee. I’m committed to simplifying the everyday chaos of motherhood and helping you do the same.

A little more about me? 

In 2016 I married my high school sweetheart and the blog husband here at BFC. He’s my best friend and #1 supporter. BFC wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for him.

In 2017 my husband and I paid off over $70k in debt and have since lived debt-free. So I love sharing affordable living content.

In 2018 I became a mom to Miles. My husband and I struggled through infertility and miscarriage to conceive, but it was worth it all 100x over to be a mama. So, I share a lot of motherhood content.

In 2021 we welcomed baby girl Finley to the family! Then in 2023 Tate joined the crew. Now baby 4 is coming in 2024. 

I’m a morning person. My body pretty much shuts down at 8:00 pm, so I’ve learned if I want to get things done, I need to wake up early for them.

I live in Connecticut. We’re currently a family of five living in 1,100 sq ft. We like small house living, however, we are adding a small addition soon (follow on Instagram for life updates like that). 

I’m a big-time homebody. We spend the majority of our time at home so we love making it just how we want.

In 2020 I quit my job in an office to pursue being a YouTuber and blogger full-time and haven’t looked back. Alongside making content on my YouTube Channel about realistic organization, productivity, and saving money, I also have a whole library of printables and guides you can use!

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Here you’ll find content designed to help save you time and money and find ways to just live a more simple life. You’ll find things like life hacks, organization, productivity, and motivation, motherhood, simple DIYs, frugal shopping, and more. So, grab a cup of coffee and join me!


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