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I just about three weeks postpartum and I wanted to share some of my MUST HAVE items for those first postpartum weeks with you. You spend a lot of time caring for your newborn, but I’ve found it’s just as important to prepare to
Is it baby time? I guess you could say Finley’s labor story started 9 days before she was actually here. That Sunday night I had my first hint of contractions. They were pretty short-lived but made me feel like SOMETHING was happening.The next day
In this post I’m sharing my pregnancy must-haves. Everything from must-have clothing, underwear, belly lotion, and more. Do I really need all this pregnancy stuff? The pregnancy industry is huge. Once the internet finds you’re pregnant you’re going to get HOUNDED with SO MANY
Dressing postpartum was much harder than I anticipated. The first 2 months are hard. And the following few months are also quite challenging. You’re adjusting to a new body, trying to wear things that are nursing-friendly, and also just want to be comfortable with

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