Things I LOVED In March 2024

In 2024 I really wanted to be good about rounding up monthyl favorites. I’m bad about keeping all the things I’ve loved and shared orgainzed. I have been good about keeping my recent favorites uploaded here. And, I guess 2 months out of 3 so far this year isn’t bad.

I’m honestly glad March is over. Not that anything bad happened. It was actually a very lovely month. We had some good memories and I celebrated turing 36, but just historically March has always been bleh to me. The weather in CT is bleh. It’s not really cold, like winter cold, but for some reason it FEELS colder than winter. And it’s windy. And grey. I always say March is the worst month weather-wise. I guess that combined with back to back colds/flu that went through our house, I’m just kinda glad to shut the door on March and look forward to April. I have a fun month planned and looking forward to some sunshine and spring blooms.

But before we officially say goodbye to March, here’s the things I did LOVE about the month.

Aerie Haul:

I did an Aerie haul for the first time in about two years, and wow, I loved EVERY item I got. I got two bottoms with a crossover waist, which are my new favorite thing for pregnancy and postpartum. These OFFLINE leggings have a crossover waist, and I have already bought two more colors. I think my favorite purchase was these flowy shorts. They also have a crossover waist and a super cute flowy look but with built-in biker shorts underneath. Got another color added to my bag in these too. I also snagged a few things currently on clearance, like these comfy fold-over shorts, these lightweight button-ups with matching bottoms, this lumberjack flannel perfect for laying, and an oversized boyfriend long sleeve.

New Concealer Favorite

I am OBSESSED with this concealer right now. It’s an all-over concealer, so you can use it under the eyes or anywhere else. It’s lightweight but somehow covers amazingly. It’s not too heavy, not too tacky, and makes my skin just look so good. I love that I can just throw on some tinted moisturizer and then touch up with this and my skin looks perfect. I’m shade 110.

Wet Dry Bag (new find)

I love wet-dry bags. I use them to pack changes of clothes, snacks, pump stuff, beach trips, and diaper stuff. They are just super versatile. If you don’t know what a wet-dry bag is, it usually has one larger compartment for dry stuff and then a smaller waterproof “wet” compartment. This compartment is great for dirty clothes, diapers, or whatever. They’ve become a go-to for packing my bags when I go out and about. Anyway, found a new one that has a great two-compartment design AND comes in cute patterns (not that it matters how cute my wet-dry bags are… but it doesn’t hurt, you know?) My new favorite wet-dry bags here.

New Kids’ PJ Find

I bought a pair of these KicKee pjs for Tate, and they may be my new favorites! First of all, the fabric is that wonderful soft, stretchy viscose from bamboo, so it grows with your kids (one of the only kinds of pjs I buy these days because you get twice as much wear from them.) They also have DOUBLE zippers (thank you, pajama Gods.) And they come in the cutest patterns. I like that the patterns are fun and quirky but still modern and well done. Does that make sense? I’ve already got my cart stocked with more, and they also make toddler pjs which I plan to get for the older kids

Toddler Shoe Perfect For Spring

I got Finley this pair of Jan & Jul shoes for spring/summer (mostly because this cute print got me). They’ve become a fast favorite. SUPER easy for Finley to put on by herself. Machine washable, super lightweight, extra toe protection, and they come in the CUTEST prints.

The perfect Dopamine Dressing shirt

Have you heard of Dopamine Dressing? It’s the idea of wearing fun, happy clothes to make you feel happy. And, IDK, it kinda works. As someone who chronically buys grey and black, I’m trying to bring in some more fun color. This colorful long-sleeved shirt caught my eye immediately because of the fun colors; I had to try it. It’s just a basic oversized shirt, not quite a sweatshirt, but not just a t-shirt material. The sleeves are a tad short, but honestly, it’s just a comfy, happy top and I love it.

Bottle Handles

Not sure why it took me to my third baby to get slide-on handles for bottles, but this saves me, like, 45 minutes of my life a day. These are technically Dr. Brown brand, but you can slide them onto any bottle really.

Family Trip to NYC

We took the kids on a day trip to NYC and had SUCH a nice time. We honestly nailed it with a perfect itinerary for small kids, and I shared it all here if you need some inspiration.

Baby 4

Obviously sharing that baby 4 is on the way had to make the list.

A few more hot takes from March

  • Reese’s Eggs are the superior Reese’s. There, I said it. They are better than a traditional cup and, while I do love a Christmas tree and pumpkin, the egg is still the superior choice. BUT it must be the singles. And not the singles they sell in bulk bags, it’s not the same. I’ve done the research. Reese’s Eggs sold individually. I’ll die on this hill.
  • Meal prepping is kinda becoming my jam. And by kinda I mean A LOT. Last year I signed up for 5Dinner1Hour which gives you five dinners you can prep in one hour. Then at the actual dinnertime rush you’re only a few minutes from everything being ready. It really opened my eyes to how much I can prep ahead of time and had seriously SAVED my sanity at dinner. I’ve always been a meal planner, but taking a chunk of Sunday to actually prep (like chop the veggies, combine all the ingreidents so I can dump and go, baking breads, pre-making sauces, washing produce) has been LIFE CHANGING.
  • I bought each of my kids their own individual laundry baskets (these are my fav for kids). Now I sort dirty laundry by individual kids when we get undressed at night then wash/dry by single person. It’s 1000x easier to get their laundry put away when it’s already sorted by kid.
  • Simplify. On the topic of making meal time easier, I shared some of the big ways I’ve simplified all aspects of my life since becoming a mom x3.
  • Did you know Frog and Toad is on AppleTV. You’re weclome.

Best Things I Ate

This Egyptian Lentil Soup was SO GOOD and such a good way to get in lentils (I try to eat lentils at least weekly they are so good for you!)

Founds my favorite PB granola bar recipe. These hold together perfectly, and everyone in my family loves them.

These protein muffins were SO fast and easy and my kids loved them as much as me.

I love a good Mark Hyman recipe and this roasted chicken with pistachio salsa was SO yummy.

My new dessert hyperfixation I found on Instagram. You take Greek Yogurt and mix it with chopped strawberries a little cinnamon and maple syrup. Next mix in something crunchy like granola. Then drizzle the top with a little bit of peanut butter. Finally melt some chocolate in the microwave (use 30 second intervals) and pour that ontop. Pop it into the freezer for like 15 minutes to make a hard shell and they are SO good.

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