homemade iced matcha drink

May – Things I’m Loving

ilia tinted skin serum

Ilia Tinted Skin Serum 

This serum is so good, it’s insane. This Ilia Skin Serum is tinted and protects my face from the sun with SPF 40. It looks so good but is super lightweight too. I love that it’s skincare and makeup in one. The skincare properties make my face feel AMAZING. It definitely saves me some time and looks amazing.

ilia tinted skin serum before and after

Here you can see a side by side of bare face and JUST the serum. Obviously no filters because you know I don’t do those. And I didn’t even touch the lighting/coloring for the photos so they’d just be a clear look at the product, so please enjoy the warm bathroom lighting haha!

ilia tinted skin serum makeup look

Here’s the finished look. The concealer and setting powder rock too and I love the color stick for my cheeks for a glowy look.

homemade iced matcha drink

Jade Matcha Powder

I’ve been super into matcha for my afternoon caffeine pick me up. it’s a different kind of caffeine and actually good for you. Here is an article you check out on the benefits of matcha.

Plus, what’s an afternoon pick me up without a fun glass to put it in? You guys have been loving these drinking glasses that I’ve shown on Instagram. If you are curious about how I make my iced matcha drink you can see that here.

Toddler Slip On Converse

These slip-on converse are not just adorable but so easy to put on and take off that Miles can do it alone. He loves being able to have some independence and be in charge of putting on his own shoes. And if you are curious, we got his sweatshirt from Wild + Bear and love that too!

Spice Jars

Using these spice jars to organize my spice cabinet has been a game-changer. I love how nice and clean it all looks with the clear jars and labels. Everything is so much easier to find this way.

For more details on how I organized this cabinet, make sure you check out this Instagram Reel

acrylic utensil holder

Acrylic Utensil Holder

I recently put this acrylic utensil holder in our newly renovated kitchen and I am loving the way it turned out. They are adjustable so they can fit all different-sized drawers. Plus, it’s much easier to wash and keep clean than others that I’ve had in the past. It’s the perfect way to organize our eating utensils and many other drawers in the kitchen.

Welly Bandages

I never thought I’d have a favorite bandage but these are seriously superior to any other band-aid. They are a soft fabric material that makes them really flexible. You don’t even notice that you have it on. Plus, they stay on really well but are somehow easier to take off than your traditional band-aid. Miles loves these!

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