7 Cozy Bedroom Hacks

We recently started the process of making over our bedroom. But, now with the quarantine, I decided to use the time to put on the finishing touches. I wanted to cozy up the space a little more to really make it a sanctuary, especially during these uncertain times. I figured many of you are possibly also looking for ways to make your bedroom feel a tad cozier, so I thought I’d share the tips I used.

Also, let’s just remember I’m not an interior design blogger and taking photos of rooms is actually really hard. I did my best to show you, but the video does a better job.

Upgrade the Bedding

The first thing I did was swap out my original bedding. I did this for a couple of reasons. One, we decided it was time to finally get some higher quality sheets. Totally not a must-do, but for us we ready to finally upgrade, and honestly you can feel the difference in good quality sheets – there’s nothing better than getting into a really comfy bed at the end of the day. I was gifted a set of SOL Organics sheets and they are SO comfortable. My husband says he’s been sleeping better since we put them on. And, the cotton is all organic and ethically sourced.

But, besides just comfort and quality, I wanted to swap out for a lighter and brighter solid color. I think that light solid neutrals are more peaceful and calming and make the space feel more relaxing. 

More Pillows

Ok, continuing with the bed step 2 is to add more pillows in addition to just your regular pillows in various tones and textures. Now, throw pillows can be expensive but my trick is I own a handful of pillow inserts and when I want to make a change I just swap out the pillow covers, which are much more affordable. I started with this faux fur set to add texture, then I just tried out some other pillows I already owned until I found the right one.

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Layer on Blankets

Lastly, I’m going to add a little more texture and coziness to the bed by layering on a final blanket. I used a knit blanket I already owned. You can either lay is flat along the bottom, cover your comforter for added layers, or drape it over one corner. The added layers and texture just makes the bed look and feel plusher.

Hang Curtains

Actual fabric curtains give the space a ton more warmth. It’s really all about adding the coziness and texture of fabric to the space. I went for a light, sheer curtain because I didn’t want to lose natural light during the day. I still wanted a very bright happy space. 

Basket of Pillows

Next, I’m bringing in a basket for the corner by the bed to just fill with extra pillows or blankets. Not only is it practical storage for pillows when I’m not using them, but a woven basket full of textiles just adds some instant cozy appeal.

Mood Lighting

Candles always work but I also LOVE what fairy lights can do. These are not just for teenage girls’ bedrooms anymore, trust me. They add amazing, soft light twinkly cozy light to a room. I got a 2 pack of these copper wire ones on Amazon for $10 and they are perfect.

As far as hanging them, you have lots of options, one option is to hang them along the back of your bed. Because these are on a copper wire they are super easy to shape into the position you want. Another option is to fill a basket or fill a few glass votives for your dresser. Personally, I hung them on my mirror. I love the way the light reflects in the mirror.

Add Houseplants

I’m not sure why it has taken me this long to think to bring houseplants into my bedroom but it just makes the room feel so more homier. It’s something about having a living thing in the space, I think. Plus, it’s probably in my head but I like to think it makes the air better.


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