Answering All Your Questions About my Ruggable Rugs | A Complete Ruggable Review

In this post, I’m giving you a complete rundown and review of everything Ruggable rugs. What are Ruggable rugs? How much do they cost? Are they worth the cost? Do they last? How do you prevent Ruggable from curling?

Ruggable gifted some of the rugs pictured in this post in exchange for my honest review and thoughts. Everything stated and all opinions are 100% my own. Some links in this post contain affiliate links.

In this post we’re covering:

What are Ruggable Rugs and how do they work?

In short, Ruggable rugs are machine-washable rugs.

Ruggable rugs come in two pieces. First is the non-slip pad. This is basically a black, nonslip back pad made of the same latex-free material used for yoga mats. You can choose a standard mat or the cushioned mat (which is thicker and plusher). The second piece is the top rug cover. This is a low-pile, stain and water-resistant cover that lays over the top of the non-slip pad. This cover pulls off easily and fits easily into a home washing machine.

When you order a Ruggable, you’ll receive both the pad and cover. You’ll roll out the pad then roll the cover over the top.

Ruggable Pros and Cons

Ruggable Pros:

  • Easy Care – Ruggable rugs are HANDS DOWN the easiest rug I’ve ever, ever, ever had. Yes, they are machine washable, but they are also stain-resistant and water-resistant, so they just are overall so much easier to keep clean. They are super low pile so vacuuming is a breeze, you never have to wonder if junk is still stuck in the carpet if you know what I mean. They are also extremely easy to spot clean.
  • Swap covers for a quick change of look – When you purchase a Ruggable it comes in two pieces, the pad and the cover. If you ever want to change up the look of your room, you don’t need to buy a whole new rug you can just replace the cover, which I love (and recently did in my living room).
  • Affordability- In my opinion, Ruggable rugs are a good price point for what you get. Yes, there are cheaper rugs on the market, but from my experience, they do not last as long and you’ll be wanting/needing to replace them much quicker. For the quality and ease of the rug you’re getting with Ruggable, I find it to be a great price.

Ruggable Cons:

  • Low Pile – Just as I mentioned the low pile of the rug being a pro (SO EASY TO KEEP CLEAN), I know some people prefer a more plush rug, so to some, this is a con. That being said Ruggable does have the option for a cushioned pad, which will make your rug more cushioned AND they recently came out with Shag and Plush rug options. While these are machine washable like the standard rugs, they will have a higher pile.
  • Edge Curling – This is the number one question I get about my Ruggable so I answered it in full detail below (jump to that answer)

Ruggable Care and Maintenance

The main reason I ADORE my Ruggable rugs so much is because they are SO STINKING EASY TO CARE FOR. It’s seriously a weight off your shoulders to have a rug that you really don’t stress about it getting messy or strained or spilled on – especially with dogs, cats, and kids.

Some people worry about putting the rugs back together (meaning putting the cover back over the pad). I will say there is a learning curve doing this at first, especially for the larger rugs. But after 1-2x, I have found it pretty easy. I lay out my pad and then take my cover and fold it the long way 3-4 times. Then I just line up one long edge and slowly unroll it. If it’s a bigger rug, it is helpful to have an extra pair of hands to help you.

How often to wash?

I actually find that my Ruggable rugs are so easy to spot clean, the need to fully wash them in the washing machine doesn’t come up AS MUCH as I thought it would. I typically wash mine in the washing machine 1x a year (unless they got a huge spill of some kind like when Michael spilled an entire bowl of tomato soup on one). And, then I spot treat/clean them throughout the year. I have even used my carpet cleaner on them multiple times to just quickly clean the high traffic areas without having to wash the entire thing.

So, it’s not something like bedsheets where you need to be pulling up your rug every 2 weeks and washing it. They honestly stay very clean on their own and are very easy to spot clean. I find the machine washability just good for yearly cleans or if there was a major spill.

Are Ruggable rugs worth it?

In my opinion, I think Ruggable rugs are 100% worth it. They are THE ONLY rug I have in my entire house if that helps answer it any further, haha!

I think they look great and they are SO low maintenance and easy to care for compared to any other rug I’ve had. I love not having to worry about spills or wonder if I really got the rug super clean when I vacuumed it. To me, the ease and peace of mind are enough to make me love the rugs. But I also adore their styles, designs, and versatility.

And, as I mentioned above, I think the price point compared to other rugs is very good. I’ve bought rugs at similar prices and had to replace them within 2 years. I’d rather buy one rug and have it for a longer time.

Ruggable FAQs

How are they with dog or cat hair?

In three words: The Bee’s Knees. Ruggable rugs (unless you opt for shag or plush) are low pile and basically smooth. It makes it so simple and easy to vacuum up hair (and any other dirt and crumbs from pets and kids).

Does your Ruggable curl?

This is the most common question I get about my Ruggable rugs. And the answer is yes and no. So, let me explain.

I currently have 5 Ruggable rugs in my home and only 2 have ever curled. One was in our extra bedroom and the one corner that curled was at the door, so it’d often get caught on the door when we opened/closed it and eventually started to curl. The other is the one in our living room. And this one only curls along the long edge where my son pushes/rides his push toy over it. So, yes I’ve had Ruggable rugs curl, but never just on their own without something causing it.

That being said, I’ve found I can uncurl my Ruggable by using my steam mop. Check out this video all about how to do that.

Do they get dull after washes?

I have not experienced any dulling of my Ruggable rugs from being washed.

Are they comfortable?

This is one of the other biggest questions. My answer for Ruggable rugs is usually “if you want a super plush, soft rug, Ruggable might not be for you. But if you want the easiest, low-maintenance, rug ever, then it is.”

Personally, I’d much rather have ease over a little bit of plush. And, honestly, I don’t miss my more plush rugs at all. I actually much prefer having something easy and low maintenance that I don’t have to constantly worry about. And, I never walk on my Ruggable rugs thinking “wow this is uncomfortable.”

That being said, they DO have the cushioned pads (more on that in the next question) and the plush/shag options (which I’ve not tried so I can’t weigh in on.)

Do the big ones really fit in the washing machine?

I’ve never had any issues washing my covers. They are surprisingly blanket-like when you remove them from the pad. That being said, there are A LOT of washing machine types, so I suggest you double check this chart from Ruggable before purchasing.

Also, on this note, I HIGHLY suggest you wash your Ruggable according to their suggestions (watch it here). Washing is easy, but you’ll want to follow their guidelines.

Do you have the cushioned pad for any of your Ruggable rugs and is it worth it?

We have the cushioned pad in Miles’ playroom. It definitely is a lot more cushioned which is really nice in a room like a playroom. I also imagine it’d be nice if you were getting something where you stand a lot, like a kitchen mat.

Personally, the flatness of the Ruggable rugs has never bothered me. While we opted for one in the playroom we haven’t done it in any other rooms. So, at the end of the day I feel like it’s a personal preference of wanting a cushioned rug or not.

How do they look in the room compared to other rugs?

I think they look great and one thing I love about Ruggable rugs is I think they have a lot of very stylish designs. Again, this is kind of a personal opinion. But, one thing I love about Ruggable rugs is their variety in design. I think they have a ton of very stylish options in all different home decor styles. Even though it’s not a plush rug, I think it still looks great.

Best time to buy?

Ruggable very occasionally runs sales. The lowest I’ve seen them discounted is 20% for Black Friday. But, I have a promo code below that’s going to give you 10% off.

Ruggable Promo code

Use the code FUNKALLIE10 to get 10% off your Ruggable purchase. This will expire January 10, 2021, so use it now before it’s gone.

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