17 Amazon Mom Hacks

Hey friends! Today I’m sharing some incredible mom hacks that have saved my sanity over the years. Whether you’re a seasoned parent or navigating the wild journey of parenthood for the first time, these 17 Amazon finds will make your mom life a breeze. Let’s dive into hands-free shoes, spill-proof snacks, and other game-changers!

Name Tag Stickers

Lunch box with name label. Label sticker for lunch box

Let’s kick things off with a bang – name tag stickers! These aren’t your ordinary stickers; they stick to everything from plastic to clothing to stainless steel and survive the dishwasher and washing machines. Say goodbye to the chaos of identifying your kid’s belongings. Just stick and go.

Chewy Tops for Pouches

Squeeze pouch lid. Re-usable squeeze pouch lid for kids.

Avoid pouch disasters with these ingenious chewy tops. No more accidental squeezes resulting in a mess – these tops require your child to gently bite for the puree or yogurt to come out. Perfect for on-the-go snacking without the cleanup drama.

Disposable Placemats

Kid eating on disposable placemat at restaurant.

Eating out with little ones can be a mess. Enter disposable placemats with a sticky feature to keep them in place. Stress less about the mess while your child enjoys a clean spot to eat. Simply peel and toss when you’re done – a game-changer for dining anywhere!

Slip-On Sneakers

Slip on sneakers for women.

For moms on the move, slip-on sneakers are a must. Say goodbye to the struggle of putting on shoes with a hands-free application. Stylish, versatile, and comfortable – these sneakers are a win-win.

To-Go Hand Sanitizers

Squeezing hand sanitizer onto hands.

Keep your hands and your kids’ hands clean with these nifty to-go hand sanitizers. No more overzealous squeezing – these single-use wonders are perfect for on-the-go hygiene without the mess.

Stroller Gloves

Gloves that stay on stroller handle.

Winter walks are better with stroller gloves. Velcro them to your stroller handle for warmth, and when you need your hands free, slip them out. No more mittens on, mittens off – just warm hands and convenience.

Collapsible Cup

Mom holding collapsible cup for kids.

Collapsible cups that fold flat are a game-changer for when your child suddenly just HAS to have a drink and you don’t have a cup. Just pop them open, and you’re good to go.

Universal Tops for Cups

Mom using stretchy lid that fits over kid cup.

Transform any cup into a spill-proof straw cup with these stretchy, universal tops. A simple solution to spills, making every cup kid-friendly and mess-free.

Universal Cell Phone Cup Holder

Cell phone cup holder that attaches to stroller.

Stay hands-free with this universal cell phone cup holder. Clip it onto strollers, bikes, or anything with a handle for easy access to your drink and a spot for your phone. 

Jumbo Carabiner

Large clip to hold water bottle and backpack.

Speaking of hands-free, the jumbo carabiner is your extra pair of hands. Clip on your diaper bag, shopping bags, or your kid’s jacket – it’s versatility that every parent needs.

Clear Project Bins

Slim plastic containers to hold craft supplies.

Get organized with clear project bins for art supplies. Perfect for storing construction paper, activity books, and more. Easy to carry with handles and stackable for efficient storage.

Zipper Pouches for Games

Slim zipper pouches to hold small objects.

Ditch the bulky boxes and store puzzles and board games in zipper pouches. Keep everything neat and organized inside utility bins – a simple solution for a clutter-free playtime.

Toy Blockers

Clear barrier that goes under oven or refrigerator.

No more rescuing toys from under the furniture! Toy blockers provide a clear barrier to prevent toys from rolling out of reach. A genius hack for stress-free play.

Salad Slicer

Woman using veggie chopper.

Not just for salads! The salad slicer is a parent’s secret weapon for cutting small, bite-sized pieces for your kids. Perfect for waffles, pancakes, fruits, and more – making mealtime safer and easier.

Waterproof Mat

Silicon placemats that are being used for crafts.

Originally for dogs, but perfect for kids’ art. The waterproof mat creates a no-slip, easy-to-clean surface for coloring, crafting, and painting. Mess-free creativity at its best.

Collapsible Buckets

Silicon collapsible bucket being filled with water.

Beach trips, picnics, or backyard play – these collapsible buckets are versatile and easy to store. Fold them flat when not in use, and pop them open for endless playtime possibilities.

Refillable Pouches

Re-usable kids puree pouch.

 In the world of parenting hacks, refillable pouches stand out as a game-changer, especially for parents seeking both convenience and eco-friendliness in their busy lives. These pouches offer a fantastic way to serve homemade smoothies, purees, or yogurts on the go.

And there you have it 17 Amazon hacks to make your momming journey smoother than ever! I hope these tips and treasures bring a little more ease, joy, and sanity to your parenting adventure. Remember, you’re doing a great job!

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