Monthly Favorites

None of these products are sponsored and it includes only my own thoughts. Some were sent to me as a gift and those are marked with an asterisk (*). Links on this page contain affiliate links.

May 2020

Lalo Highchair* – We really enjoy this highchair. It not only looks really nice in the dining room, which doesn’t hurt, but it’s also SO EASY TO CLEAN. The only thing I wish it did was I was the tray could push closer to Miles when he ate. But overall, we prefer it to the past highchair we used.

April 2020

MicrodermaMitts* – These are exfoliating mitts, you pop them over your hand and can exfoliate in the shower. They are hands down the best shower skin exfoliator I’ve used. Most scrubs are messy and wash off before you can even finish exfoliating. These are SO easy for everyday exfoliation, I’m so hooked. I use the body one and the face one religiously now and I don’t think I can go back to regular exfoliator.

ERBORIAN CC Cream – This is hands down my favorite CC or BB cream. I had used it a few years back and just recently repurchased and it reminds me why I loved it so much. It has SPF 25 as well as moisturizing properties like most CC creams, but it also provides a really nice even appearance to your skin. It’s definitely not full coverage, but seriously your skin looks so much more even after you apply it. It’s like a face filter! And, unlike SO MANY CC creams, the SPF doesn’t make it feel tacky or sticky, it feels so velvety. Works great as a base for foundation, too, if you want a more full coverage look.

EzPz Happy Mat* – I have been using the EzPz Happy Mat which is a sectioned plate with a placemat built-in, which makes mealtime super simple. They also have a bowl version, the Happy Bowl, which is great for mac and cheese night!

Béaba Plates* – It was a big month for toddler eating products, haha. I love their suction plate. It’s nice and big so you can easily add a few foods, but has sides for good food containment. And, of course the suction is good to prevent spills. Yes, Miles can pull the suction up if he tries (I haven’t found a single suction cup/plate that he can’t), but it prevents him from accidentally knocking the plate over. They also have a sectioned plate I like using for lunches.

Lovevery play kits – these are basically a subscription service. You receive a box every 3 months based on your child’s age. These toys have been Miles’ favorite, hands down. He plays with them longer and more engaged. Read my full review here.

March 2020

Lounge Set – I had ordered a few lounge pieces now that I was going to be working from home full-time, but they’ve proven to be especially helpful during the quarantine. This Target set fits true to size and is super soft. The shorts aren’t too short either, and I have long legs.

Radio Flyer Steer & Stroll Trike – We got this for Miles because he had NO outdoor toys and obviously we’re spending a lot more time inside. He is obsessed and we’ve used it a TON. It’s great because he can ride it and we can push/steer.

Everything’s fine mug – like, is this not the most perfect mug for right now or what? I use it every morning!

February 2020

Bisou Natural*: A toxin-free alternative to traditional air fresheners. Most air fresheners have SO many added chemicals and toxins I was looking for a safer option for our home.

Good Molecules Hyaluronic Acid Serum* – Good Molecules is a skincare brand that was designed to cut out the middlemen to offer the stuff you want/need for your skin at a fair price with not ridiculous markups. This serum has Hyaluronic Acid which you may have heard touted by other brands but they usually charge a lot more for it. It’s known for drawing moisture into the skin for deep hydration. I actually notice a difference in my skin when I don’t use this. Works SO GOOD for only $6! I also love their Rose Hip Oil for only $10, great for after exfoliating!

Walmart Slide on Shoes – These shoes keeping coming and going in and out of stock but if you can snag them they are WELL worth it. Also, try in your local Walmart store if you can’t get them online! Such great quality for the price point and so versatile!

Baby Proofing Straps – These are the most versatile baby proofing item. They can be used for all sorts of things from just baby proofing a cabinet to anchoring something down, preventing a door from opening, baby proofing the oven, etc. It’s just one product you can use a million ways instead of having a special baby proofing item for each thing.

Kitchen Learning Tower – This is like a secure footstool that brings you toddler up to counter height. Miles is OBSESSED with “helping” in the kitchen and would constantly want to be picked up to see. It was exhausting lol. This thing has CHANGED THE GAME. He happily hangs out while we work and cook. WORTH EVERY PENNY.

January 2020

Good Molecules Erasing Balm*: I used to love the It Cosmetics erasing balm but just hadn’t repurchased it because of the price tag. This is just as good for a fraction of the cost. I’m trying some other stuff from this brand as well so I’ll keep you in the loop!

Urban Decay Naked Weightless Liquid Foundation*: It’s just SO GOOD. It’s super lightweight (a very liquidy consistency) but makes your skin look amazing. Every time I wear it I get compliments. And it lasts really well too. The matching concealer is also hella good.

Columbia One Piece Fleece: I’ve shared this a ton. We got it for Miles and is just so versatile. Throw it on top of any outfit for added warmth. Built-in hand and feet covers. Thin enough for the car seat. It’s also a really good price point for winter gear. WINNER WINNER WINNER.

Billie Razor: I wasn’t sure I was going to believe the hype on these. The truth is they are the MOST AMAZING razors ever BUT the convenience that they auto-ship to you, at an awesome price point, and they store easily in the shower are all wins for me.

ChooMee Tops: Another thing I’ve talked about a lot but I just love these things! They pop ontop of almost any brand pouch and make it unable for your little one to squeeze the pouch out (meaning when they squeeze it, nothing comes out, if they bite down and suck, the puree comes out.) It’s brilliant and has saved us from SO MANY messes. 

Minimalist Day Planner: I love this planner. I has JUST what you need a leaves out the fluff.

Amazon Sweaters: A shared a mini Amazon sweater haul, but these are my three favorites. This oversized poncho-style sweater is TOO FREAKING comfy. This color-blocked sweater is soft and so good to just grab and go. And, this turtleneck is the perfect length plus it looks kind of chunky without making you looks too bulky.

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