Lovevery Play Kits Review

I had the Lovevery Play Gym when Miles was a baby and LOVED it (read my review here). We actually still pull it out once in and a while to use the tent feature. After I shared that Play Gym, I started getting tons of DMs asking if I thought their play subscription was worth it as well. I hadn’t tried them yet, so I reached out to Lovevery and asked if they’d send me a kit or two to try out so I could let you guys know and they did.

So, for full disclosure, yes I did receive my kits for free but this post is not sponsored in any way. I did not agree to write a positive review (or even a review at all). I truly just wanted to try these kits out to give you my opinion.

What are the Lovevery play kits?

Lovevery play kits are basically a subscription service. You receive a box every 3 months based on your child’s age.

Each Lovevery play kit comes with a surprisingly good amount and mix of toys (including fine and gross motor skills, books, etc.). All the toys are made with wood and organic cotton so they are also just extremely well-made. But, what really rocks is that the toys are created based on what children need at each stage. They have child development experts on staff to curate these toys to be things that are engaging, developmentally appropriate, and Montessori-based.

Lastly, each kit comes with a guide for that age range. It tells you about the skills they are mastering at that age and gives you tips for them. It also tells you more about each toy, offering different ways to play with them to get the most use out of each toy.

Lovevery Play Kits Review

My thoughts – is it worth it?

At first, the price seems like a lot (depending on the subscription you do it’s $108-$120 a box). I got sticker shock the first time I looked at it to be honest. But then I really spent time looking into them. Each box has around 9-14 items inside so you’re actually paying about $9 a toy. And, when you think of it that way is not much at all for the quality of the toys you’re getting.

And, not only are the toys high quality, they work. Because they are designed by child development experts, they are all things Miles really wanted to play with and is interested in at each stage of his development. It’s amazing to see how much more engaged Miles is with these toys. Even the books that come with the kits are his FAVORITE books. Lovevery just really knows what each age needs.

Lovevery Play Kits Review

So, yes, I honestly recommend these kits for engaged, child-centered, age-appropriate play. I think they are 100% worth the price. Like I said, when you do the math it’s about $9 a toy for items that I’m pretty much guaranteed Miles will not just like these toys, but I also know they are supporting the growth he’s going through at this point in his development.

They are available thorough 36 months.

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Lovevery Play Kits Review

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