Lovevery Play Gym Review

One baby product we own I get questions about all the time is our Lovevery Play Gym. I’m constantly getting DMs on if we like it. And, mostly, “is it worth the $140 price tag.” So, I figured I’d share my thoughts on this Play Gym.

Lovevery Play Gym Overview

Lovevery’s award-winning play gym was designed by child development experts. It has three wooden legs with removable toys including and their Organic Cotton High Contrast Montessori Ball, a Sustainably-sourced Wooden Batting Ring, and their Organic Cotton Teether with BPA-free Silicone Ring. The base is a washable play mat that has five development zones that you can either reveal or conceal to prevent overstimulation and help promote learning. The five zones are:

  • Learning to focus
  • Making sounds
  • How things feel
  • Hiding and finding
  • Exploring colors

The learn to focus area can hold various cards, which come with the gym, including high-contrast designs, a mirror, and learning cards. It also comes with a cover that turns the play gym into a fun tent for imaginative play when your child is a little older.

Lastly, the play gym comes with their “play guide” which includes ideas for how to play with and use the gym at each age of your child, all backed by research.

The Play Gym costs $140. Buy it on Amazon.  Buy it on

My Thoughts

I have to be honest, the first thing that drew me to this gym was simply the look. A lot of baby activity gyms are…well..ugly.  However, I’ll tell you since becoming a mom I’ve quickly realized that I don’t care what the hell something looks like as long as it keeps my baby happy/entertained. But, it doesn’t hurt that this play gym is actually not all that bad looking. It’s got natural wood, a grey mat, and the activity centers can be opened and closed so it actually looks minimal when not being used. We keep it in our living room and I feel like it isn’t as obnoxious as some other baby items.

Second, I love the research that went into this play gym. As someone who studied child development in college, I think it’s neat to see how they incorporated babies’ development into the toys and zones.

Overall, I think this play gym is awesome. It’s extremely versatile and I love how it grows with your baby. Each zone and toy can be used in different ways depending on what age your child is at. The toys can hang or be detached to be held or used somewhere else.

When Miles was brand new, he LOVED the Learning & Focus area with the high contrast black and white cards. It’s honestly one of the first and only “toys” he used in the first 8 weeks. The Learning & Focus area also detaches so I used it in his crib, on his changing table, and on my lap!

Each toy and zone can be used many different ways and the Play Guide card gives you ideas on how to use each one depending on the age your baby is at. So at one age, they may like having the Wooden Batting Ring hanging above their head to bat at but when they’re older they’ll like holding and rattling it.  The Silicone Teething Ring is great for babies as they start sucking on everything, but it also has a crinkly fabric piece that the child would love to shake and grab when they get older! Even the zones can be used in different ways. Right now Miles likes using the “making sounds” zone to kick. He loves kicking and hearing different sounds. As he’s older, he’ll like using his hands to hit and crinkle the “making sounds” zone.

Even the play gym itself transforms into a tent with the included cover for toddler-aged babies!


Like I mentioned, The Play Gym costs $140. It is a little more pricy than other activity and play gyms but I think it’s worth the price because not only does this grow with your child, but each toy and zone can be used so many different ways. You can open or close the zones too to prevent overstimulation as well as from the child boring of the mat too quickly.  Plus, the toys and Learn and Focus area can be used with the mat or detached to be used separately.

Buy it on Amazon.  Buy it on

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