How to Write the Perfect Blog Post


Writing the perfect blog post is a set skill.  It requires discipline, knowledge, and a strong understanding of all the things… but really it’s mostly just super easy.  Here’s my five steps to writing the perfect blog post.

Step one: Pour Wine.

Everyone knows  that bloggers  LOVE wine. We think it’s just about the best thing ever. So, if you want to write  a really good blog post, you need to start with a glass of wine. Preferably something not too expensive though, because most bloggers still haven’t quite figured out how to snag a monthly wine membership for free and we probably spent all our money this week on webinars, fresh flowers for instagram pictures, and lots of coffee.

Step two: Find the perfect blogging spot.

According to social media, most bloggers work at an all white IKEA desk that’s adorned with pom-pom tassels, a gold stapler, at least one inspiration quote, and a Mac.  Seated before it is a totes adorbz statement chair, probably something with a fun pattern, or maybe an chic ghost chair. So, if you have that, it’s ideal. Otherwise, wearing pajamas on your couch smushed between your blanket-hogging dog and video game playing boyfriend works too. Either or.

Step three: Open your perfectly organized Erin Condren planner to see what today’s post is.

Your definitely super organized, so you have everything you’ll be posting about this week laid out in order with little hearts over all the i’s. You probably used decorative washi tape to mark in other important notes. If you need some blog organization help, feel free to download my FREE blog organization printables.

Step four: Compose.

It’s now time to compose your post. Don’t worry, the words will come naturally to you as well as all the perfect funny lines at all the right moments. You’ll write grammatically correct the whole time, too. Oh, and you just naturally write in the proper SEO as you go, so that’s covered too. Isn’t this easy?!

Step Five: Add Perfect images.

Everyone knows the key to a good post is good imagery. Taking blog images is a total cake walk.  You’ll always have perfect natural lighting streaming in through an open window and you’ll compose each image perfectly with little accessories: maybe a cute bracelet here, an ideally placed cup of coffee there. A few quick snaps and you’re done- they’re so good you probably won’t even need to edit them.  Taking blog pictures literally IS the easiest thing ever.

There you have it, my five simple steps for writing the perfect blog post. Now go forth and conquer.

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