What Not to Buy at the Dollar Tree

If you’re NOT new here, you know I enjoy shopping at the Dollar Tree. Last year I shared a video with the things you should ALWAYS buy at the Dollar Tree, but today I’m turning the tables and sharing what I think you should NEVER buy at the Dollar Tree.


Ok, first on my list is CANDLES. Now, don’t get me wrong I’ve bought the Dollar Tree candles before many times, but this is why I don’t anymore.

Firstly, the tealights are never the best price. Typically you get 12-16 of them for $1 when you can get packs of 100 for less than $4 elsewhere (hint: Walmart). 

Second, are the pillar candles. Now, unlike the tealights, you will get the best price around on these types of candles but where they fall short is their burn time. Not only are these pillar lights far smaller than most you can buy, they burn quick and don’t hold their shape.


The next thing on my list I KNOW is gunna rock the boat a little because I’ve mentioned it in the past and people have disagreed in the comments but that is the vitamins. Sure, they might be tempting because they are SO much cheaper than at the pharmacy, but there’s a reason for that. Consumer Reports has done tests on many of the multivitamins at DT and found that many didn’t have the nutrients listed on the label. So, while these vitamins probably aren’t going to hurt you, you’re just getting short-changed and not getting what it claims you are.

Olive Oil

Next up is the cooking oil and that’s because I just find that it’s false advertising. They sell a bottle that says olive oil blend but it’s typically less than 6% olive oil and the rest is soybean oil. It’s actually much cheaper to just buy pure, 100% olive oil in this case.

Charging Cords or Headphones

I usually don’t suggest these simply because they aren’t known to be safe. Consumer Reports has shared that they don’t have UL Labels which basically verify their safety, and some have even been known to spark or catch on fire! I don’t think it’s worth the risk.


The Dollar Tree sells two packs of forks, knives, and spoon and I don’t know how else to say this other than they are trash. They break, rust, and are just overall really bad and not worth your $1.


Anyone who does any simple DIYing or home improvement can tell you how infuriating it is to use a tool that doesn’t do its job. These tools are just too cheaply made, fall and fall apart too quickly. Spend a little more to buy a higher quality version of this tool and you can use it for years to come as opposed to having to buy a new $1 screwdriver every 6 months because it keeps falling apart.

What Not to Buy at the Dollar Tree

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