What My Toddler Eats in a Week

I’ve had a lot of requests to share food ideas for 1-year-olds, so I documented a week of meals for my toddler (well, it’s actually 5 days but who is counting?)

Remember: Feeding kids can be hard. You’re doing a good job. Keep with it! Keep exposing them to foods in a wide variety even if they don’t eat it right away.

Products shown in this video:


Ezpz Happy Mat & Ezpz Happy Bowl have built-in placemats and are overall really easy to use. 

Béaba Suction Plate: I like this because it’s like a big open plate, but with tall sides for containment.


EzPz mini utensils– These are narrow enough (oddly enough many toddler utensils are too wide for their little mouths). They are non-slip nylon that’s easy to grasp but strong enough for piercing and scooping.

If your child is still learning how to use utensils suggest the Grabease set. The handle is short and perfect for small hands and they had a little guard to prevent them from overstuffing the utensil. (Also available on Amazon)


Secura stainless steel straw cup and it’s our go-to for water.

I also have the Contigo straw cup which I use for his smoothies.

360 Miracle Cups is what we use for milk.

Ezpz Open Cup– I’ve used a few other open cups for toddlers/babies but this one has been the BEST I’ve tried. It’s just the perfect size for his hands and slightly weighted so it is easy for him to place down.


ChooMee Pouch Toppers: to prevent messes with pouches!

Lalo Highchair:  We really enjoy this highchair. It not only looks really nice in the dining room, which doesn’t hurt, but it’s also SO EASY TO CLEAN. The only thing I wish it did was I was the tray could push closer to Miles when he ate. But overall, we prefer it to the past highchair we used https://bit.ly/2TsnEYn

Miles’ Learning Tower: This is the learning tower you saw Miles using in the kitchen. It allows him to stand at counter height in the kitchen so he can help out with cooking. It’s a LIFESAVER. Miles used to spend all cooking time hanging on my leg, and now that he’s at my level he happily can see the action. We also eat meals at it sometimes. 

Nurture Life Toddler Meals: This is the company where I buy 3-4 extra meals a month to offer variety to Miles.

Our Stroller – We love this stroller, read my full review here.

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