What I Loved in August

I’m hoping, possibly very over-optimistically, to get back to sharing monthly favorites (or maybe every-other-monthly favorites). Either way I had some good stuff from August, so I wanted to round ’em up for you.

Let’s do it.

Clothing I Loved

A few new loves in the clothing department this month and the pair of jean shorts I’ve literally worn ALL SUMMER LONG. I need to buy 8 more pairs, stat.

Shop this top

New Amazon fashion find under $20! This shirt has a ruffle waistline, sort of like a peplum top. It’s SO flattering and SO comfortable! It’s a loose fit, so true to size will get you this flowy look no need to size up.

I’ve been asked a lot if it’s nursing friendly. It doesn’t have buttons or access that way, but tops like this are easy to whip up and nurse in once you and baby have nursing down pat!

Shop this top

My fav fav fav top from Amazon right now. At first I thought I wouldn’t like it because it’s sort of a different material almost like a rashgaurd. But I LOVE it. Super comfortable and instantly stylish. It’s going to transition into fall so well, too!

shop this dress

Yep, I’ve worn this dress on REPEAT all August. Honestly, I’ve probably worn it at least 12 times this month…is that too many? I don’t care. So comfy, nursing-friendly, and I get compliments everytime I wear it. Also comes in tons of colors.

It’s true to size, I’m a small. It’s sort of on the shorter side, I’m 5’9″. I do NOT like wearing super short dresses and it’s not too short for me, but if you are lifting your arms a lot or really moving around, it may feel too short depending on what you’re comfortable with. I just always wear boxer-brief style underwear with it.

These jean shorts are THE ONLY shorts I’ve worn all summer. They are not too short, not too low, not too long, not too high-waisted. Literally just perfect. They have some stretch to them, but not too much. I sized up one size, but I ALWAYS size up one in jean shorts. HIGHLY recommend. The best jean shorts I’ve ever owned.

Products I Loved

Invisibobble – it’s a twisty hair tie that kinda looks like a keychain but it’s so much more comfortable than regular hair ties!

Foldout Picnic Blanket – we use our almost EVERY day. I always put it in the stroller. No matter where we are it’s nice that I can throw it down and let Miles play for a bit – he gets antsy if he can’t!

Vacuum Storage Bags– OMG why didn’t I ever use these before? I got the Jumbo size and vacuum-sealed all our extra comforter and blankets for the move. I also vacuum sealed ALL Miles’ 0-6 month clothing down into one little brick. Oh, and they are reusable.

Command Picture Hangers – I love the Command products, especially before owning a house because when renting you want to limit holes. But, our new house has plaster walls for some of the walls so I also want to limit holes when I can – especially for pictures because it’s something you move around. This allows me to hang, remove, and not leave any holes!

Glass iPhone Protector – If you watch my stories you know I cracked my screen and it was stupid-expensive to replace. These are my FAVORITE screen protectors and the only reason my screen broke was that I had taken my protector off and forgot to replace it! These have saved me from SO MANY other potential screen breaks.

Moments I Loved

Obviously, buying our new house was the highlight of August. It’s been a WHIRLWIND of a month and while the house feels like HOME it’s still in need of some work to really get there – hello, we still have NO sofa. But, we’re LOVING being homeowners.

We’ve spent pretty much every weekend doing little projects, spending time around the house getting a little more settled every day. At night we sit out on our front porch and enjoy a snack or drink before dinner. We have a great fenced in backyard and can walk to downtown, so it’s really been an AWESOME August settling into our little cottage (ok, technically we own an American Foursquare home, but cottage rolls off the tongue easier).

Links I Loved

33 Ways to Prepare For a Baby – from Coming Up Roses, this was too funny and too relatable!

10 Mom Hacks to Make Life Easier– she rounded up hacks from different moms, so helpful!

The Most Popular Liquors by Every State – I always find these “by state” things SO interesting!

Parenting Against the Odds – this isn’t just for parents it’s just about how your perspective on what life hands you is what matters most.

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