Wedding Wednesday: Our Save the Dates (& how I did it all for under $75)


It has been a hot second since I’ve shared any wedding posts but I have a few to share before the new year. I’ll be honest, though, I’m most excited about this one! We finally sent out our Save the Dates (well…I mean…most of them…because locating everyone’s PHYSICAL address in 2015 when you don’t have a Facebook account is actually really hard), which means I can share them with you.

Michael and I wanted to do something a little less traditional. In general, our whole wedding isn’t all that traditional and we’re scoffing a lot of norms for the sake of our sanity, our wallets, and our vision for the day.

By the time this wedding rolls around Michael and I will be one month away from our 11 year anniversary, so I wanted to create something that would encapsulate our 10+ years together. On top of that, Michael had a very strict “no engagement photos” rule, which I was a-ok with. So I took to Pinterest and Instagram to find inspiration and decided to go the info-graphic route. Using – I pieced the design together on my own. It took some tweaking, but I was able to get it just how I wanted it. If you’re not graphically inclined, this is still fairly easy, but everyone has at least one friend who’s got a good graphic eye and could help with this DIY step.


Once Michael and I both loved the design, we headed to our local Staples and had them all printed on matte card stock paper. They are 5×7, so 2 fit on a sheet. I paid extra to have them cut (because this girlfriend can NOT cut straight lines). After printing and cutting, the entire order cost me only $33.

The envelopes came from (original name, right?), and I paid less than $11 for them all. Using gold Sharpies ($5), I hand addressed each one. Throw in postage which was about $25, and the whole project cost me about $75.

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