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Alright, friends. Let’s dive into a wedding-related post. Like I mentioned in my full wedding post where I shared our Wedding Day Photo Diary, I am going be going into depth about certain wedding-related topics over the next few months.   Today we’re talking beauty: makeup, hair, jewelry.  I’ll be sharing my tips as well as answering some wedding beauty questions I got from you all!

Start your “beauty” regime BEFORE the day of the wedding

I’m a firm believer that your makeup is only as good as your skin. Not that makeup doesn’t have the amazing ability to correct, cover, and hide imperfections…your makeup is going to look better and last longer if you have skin that’s well taken care of. Don’t attempt any new facials, skincare products, or routines the month before your wedding. Make sure you’re moisturizing every morning and night and exfoliating 1-3 times a week, depending on your skin. If you have a skin concern, see a dermatologist SOONER rather than later (like, right now!)


Consider a professional

Obviously, I’m not a complete novice when it comes to makeup. I do write a beauty-based blog. I had a lot of people ask if I was going to be doing my own makeup. While I probably could have managed it, you’re wedding day has A LOT going on. Even if you are really good at doing your own makeup/hair, having a professional there takes a TON of stress off. Plus, it was fun to get to spend the time hanging out with my bridesmaids while they got their makeup done instead of all going off to our own bathrooms to put on our own makeup. I hired J.Kinford Beauty Group who was ah-mazing. We definitely had a budget for our big day, but paying for a proper, high-quality makeup and hair stylist was a worth-it splurge for me.


Stay true to yourself

This is a pretty BIG day in your life, so of course you want to look beautiful…but you also want to look like YOU. One of the best compliments I got on my wedding day was that I still looked like me. While having a pretty updo was super tempting considering it was HOT and I was planning to dance ALL night (and did), I almost never ever wear my hair up. I wanted to feel and look like me and didn’t want to think I looked like someone else when I looked back at my pictures, so I opted for a hairstyle that was down and more reflective of my personal style.

Play it up

Even if you’re not someone who often wears makeup, understand that makeup always looks like less on camera. It’s OK to play up certain features a little more than you usually would, such as fake lashes or a little more eyeshadow, to make sure you pop in your pictures.


Prime it, set it, waterproof it.

If you’ve hired a professional, you won’t need to really even think twice about this. But, wedding day makeup is on your face for a LONG time and through A LOT of things. Ensure it doesn’t budge by using a primer, a quality setting spray, and waterproof eyeliner and mascara. Here’s some of my favorites…Primer: Benefit Porefessional (this stuff is like makeup glue) Setting Spray: Urban Decay All Nighter.

Trust your gut

It’s your wedding day and everyone is going to have an opinion on how they want you to look. I can’t tell you how many people tried to push me into putting fresh flowers in my hair…not sure why that was such a big deal, but everyone thought it was the best idea ever. I knew I didn’t want it, and had to trust my gut and hold my own while many people pushed on about “how pretty” they would be. And, at the end of the day I’m glad my hair was flower-free.


Think about your Bridesmaids

First things first, think about how your want your Bridesmaids hair and makeup to look. I had told them to “do whatever you want!” But, once the day came, they all still seemed to want reassurance from me on their hair choices, their makeup, etc. So, even if you’re caught up in your own makeup and hair choices, or if you want them to choose on their own, still think about an overall “feel” you want them to have. I ended up telling them to go for something loose and relaxed, whether it was up or down. Some of the girls went for updos and some for it down, and I love the way they all look even though they don’t all match. Honestly, looking back at my wedding day, getting ready with my best girlfriends and seeing them getting all dolled up is STILL a major highlight of my day.


When it comes to jewelry….less it more

Accessories can be sentimental, given as gifts, and hard to pass up. I cannot tell you HOW many people ask if I needed OR offered to buy me different pieces of jewelry for the big day. But, one too many pieces of jewelry or accessories can quickly look over-the-top. Really think about your gown and what pieces would match your dress instead of compete with it. Lastly, just like with hair and makeup, you want to stick to what you usually wear. My gown was a very simple style, so it was important to me not to overpower it. I opted for some Prism Gemstone Stud Earrings from LAGOS in white topaz. LAGOS creates handcrafted jewelry pieces that are timeless and feminine, so I knew I would love them for years to come. Plus, because they aren’t too bridal-specific and still fit my own style, I love that I can still wear them now, past my wedding day. I already get a little sentimental whenever I put them on!

Ok, let’s move on to a few questions you guys sent me!

Are you going to wear bright lipstick?
If you watch me on the YouTube machine, I’m often known for sporting hot pink lipstick. I got a lot of questions leading up to the big day if I was going to wear it. While I adore my hot pink lips, I wanted to stick to a classic and timeless look, so I put away the hot pink and opted for a more natural color closer to my own lips.

Was the makeup more stressful than usual because you felt like it had to be absolutely perfect?
I worried about this a little before, but once the day came and I had the professionals take over. I knew I was in good hands. I made sure to voice my opinion about what I wanted, so I knew I’d get the look I want. If you’re someone who is less sure of what they want, DEFINITELY consider a trial run before hand to make sure it looks how you want.

How did you decide on your hairstyle? There are so many choices!
It’s definitely not easy. Certainly, you want something that will match your gown, your venue, and your personality. We got married at a private residence, so it was more of a low-key wedding. Pair that with my simple gown and the fact that I wanted to wear my hair down, loose waves just felt right. The hairstylist did a great job curling them a little more tight at the beginning, as you see in my getting ready shots, so that by the time I walked down the aisle and had my pictures with my new husband, they had loosened up.

What’s airbrush makeup? Is it really better?!
There is some controversy in this, but I’ll give you my thoughts and opinions. Airbrush makeup is a light-weight makeup applied through an air gun machine. It creates really thin, even layers of makeup. Many people tend to say airbrush is better because it’s waterproof and longer-lasting (unlike a regular makeup), but I have to disagree. Airbrush makeup IS long lasting and waterproof and certainly a great choice, however there are many regular foundations that are just as good when properly applied and set with a finishing spray. Because airbrush is applied in thin, even layers, it is ideal for someone who has a lot of blemishes, acne scaring, etc. However, I personally think regular foundation is totally acceptable and just as long-lasting. At the end of the day, unless you have some serious skin concerns, it’s probably best to go with whatever your makeup artist is most comfortable using.

How did you chose your makeup artist?
I started on Google, like everyone does. I found a handful I liked and then started looking at their portfolios online (and their social media profiles, obviously). Because I’m not a complete makeup novice, I knew I didn’t wanted to go with someone more “up-and-coming” who obviously was staying up-to-date on current makeup. I found J.Kinford Beauty Group and loved her simple but well-trained style. She did weddings but also had done commercial work, so I knew she knew that she and her team knew what they were doing. Luckily for me, Jennifer and I became quick instagram friends, too, so it made the entire process even more fun!

Alright guys, that does it. Thanks to LAGOS for gifting me those beautiful earring to wear on my wedding day. Definitely check them out! If you have any other questions I didn’t cover leave them for me in the comments or shoot me an email!

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