Effortless Voluminous Straight Hair Tutorial

I’m excited to share this simple hair tutorial with you all today. I love wearing my hair straight because it’s low-maintenance. When I straighten my hair I usually don’t need to style it again for a couple of days. It’s nice not having to heat style it every day, and I love the time it shaves off my morning routine.

The problem with styling my hair straight is sometimes it can look a little “blah.” Straight hair can look dull and it can make my ends look more dry or brittle. So, I’ve found a simple trick to wearing my hair straight that not only makes it look healthier, but also more voluminous. This voluminous straight hairstyle takes your boring straight hair and kicks it up a notch, taking it from “eh” to “red carpet ready” in a matter of minutes. It instantly makes my hair look healthier, fuller, and more glamorous.

You can also achieve it using your hair straighter, so you don’t need to pull out any new tools and it doesn’t take any longer than straightening your hair the normal way.

To start, turn on your favorite straightener. My favorite to use is the ghd V amber sunrise flat iron. I like using this ghd flat iron because the plates glide easily through my hair, this makes straightening quick and effortless. Another bonus is that the rounded edges means I can use it to create perfect curls and waves. Not to mention it heats up QUICK, like in just a few seconds. And, it has an automatic shut off that switches your styler off after 30 minutes of non-use – so smart!

To start, I section my hair off into the top section and bottom – separating it around the tops of my ears.

Taking about 1″ sections of my hair at a time I glide the flat iron from the base of the hair down towards the ends. When I get about 6″ from my ends, twist the straightener 180 degrees so I’m curling the hair outward, away from my face while continuing to glide the iron down towards the ends.

This will give you silky straight hair with curled ends. These curls ends are going to not only give you hair some texture and volume, but they also prevent the ends of your hair from look brittle and dry.

After completing the bottom section of my hair, I give it a quick spritz with a light hold hairspray. You don’t want a hair spray that’s too high of a hold because it’ll leave your ends feeling crunchy. Instead, opt for something with light to medium hold that still gives your hair flexibility.

And, voila! Your hair is complete. Easy, maintainable straight hair with some red carpet inspired volume!

The best part about this hairstyle is how manageable it is. Even if the curls fall out a little during the day, you still maintain a nice textured look to your hair which gives the appearance of volume and shape to usually lifeless straight hair. I also find that I can go about 2 more days after I styled it and the shape remains pretty well. Sometimes I need to go in and touch up the very front pieces, but mainly this is a one-and-done hairstyle that gets me through a couple of days without a lot of fuss!


What’s your favorite low-maintenance way to style your hair? If you’re looking for some other simple hair posts, you might like my One-Minute Updo or my Foolproof Twisted Braid tutorial.

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