Veer Gear Wagon Review

I’m sharing my honest review of the Veer Gear Wagon. What is the Veer wagon? Is it worth the price? Why would you need it instead of a stroller?

I’m here for another Kallie Reviews Kid Stuff sharing my thoughts on the Veer Gear Wagon.

Veer Gear Wagon – A Quick Overview

Ok, let’s start with the basics. What is the Veer Gear Wagon?

The Veer Gear is a super durable all-terrain wagon/stroller hybrid. It can be pushed like a stroller or pulled like a wagon. Features include:

  • Adjustable handle with cup holders
  • Two comfortable seats for an easy ride for kids 1-5+ (recommended weight for each seat is 55lbs). Comes with safety seat belts
  • Snack tray with cup holders
  • Built-in pockets for extra storage
  • Easily folds down and back open with just one hand.
  • All-terrain – works on pavement, gravel, dirt, sand, and snow
  • Tons of helpful add-ons including:
    • Sunshades for each side
    • Infant cars eat adapter to clip on an infant car seat
    • Foldable storage basket
    • Nap ready bassinet
    • Interchangeable sidewalls for a different color (we have the grey camo)

Shop the wagon and add-ons:

The Pros of the Veer

  • Stroller/Wagon hybrid– You get a lot of the features of a stroller but the look and functionality of a wagon. It’s honestly a super nice in between. It gives a TON of space for stuff, especially with the add on storage basket, and tons of room for little ones to sit.
  • Versatility – Overall, I can see us using the wagon for many years, where often many people retire the stroller before their kids are 3. I know people who use their wagon well into their kids being in early grade school. The add-on of the car seat adapter is also nice as well if you plan on growing your family.
  • Durability – This is like an SUV of wagons. It feels TOUGH and RUGGED and not in the least bit flimsy.
  • Easy to clean – This thing is made for all-terrain and cleans just as easily. I hose it off every couple of weeks and we’re good to go. The snack tray pops off for easy cleaning.
  • Comfort – I find Miles prefers sitting in this over his stroller. I think it’s just roomier and the bigger seat gives him more space. The snack tray is also roomier for eating.
  • Looks – not that it totally matters…but this is a NICE looking wagon.

The Cons of the Veer

  • It’s Bulky- What you get in durability and longevity you pay for with some extra bulkiness. It’s definitely not a little lightweight thing. It weighs just over 30lbs. For me, it’s worth it for the trade-off, but still a consideration. Overall, just know it feels and drive bulkier than any stroller would.
  • It’s Pricy – It might be one of the priciest wagons on the market coming in at $599.
  • Also, for some reason, everyone keeps telling me it’s “not allowed at Disney.” This matter 0% to me, but just mentioning it because it might to someone else.

Watch the review:

Is it worth it?

This is obviously a hard question to answer because we all have different needs, budgets, and wants in products for our families. Here’s why it is worth it for us.

Top-Notch Quality – Like I’ve said, this is like the SUV of wagons. No other wagon on the market has the ruggedness and durability of the Veer. From every review and comparison I read, Veer was always touted as “the best of the best.”

Versatility – From my research, it was definitely the most versatile wagon. Not only does it comfortably carry two kids, but it also has functionality for infants with either the infant car seat adapter or bassinet add-on.

It’s probably not worth it for you if…

  • You only plan to have one kid, one of the others on the market is probably better and cheaper
  • You don’t need anything for all-terrain and just want something for pavement.
  • You’d probably only need it a handful of times throughout the year.

If you’re looking for a good comparison of all the top purchased wagons, I like this wagon review comparison.

So there you have it, my Veer Gear Wagon review. In short, it’s totally worth it for us. We use it a ton and now that Miles is nearing 2 we honestly use it over the stroller 9 times out of 10. It’s been a great purchase I can see growing with our family for years.

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