Tribal Print & the struggles of being of tall woman

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Dress // OASAP Tribal Print Neck Tie Mini Dress

Measuring in at 5’9” makes me “taller” than the average woman.  In general, I’ve never really minded being taller.  Sure, when you’re with a group of friends, none taller than 5’2”, and it’s time for a photo-op, sometimes you can feel a little awkward.  But overall I’ve always liked being “taller.”

Now, that’s not to say that being tall doesn’t come with its downsides.  I had to spend my entire high school and college career explaining to people why I don’t play basketball, get stopped in stores to reach things on high shelves, and when I was single the list of datable men was significantly shorter.

In world of clothing, being tall is always a struggle as well.  Finding jeans that aren’t really capris is a constant battle.  Maxi dresses are just a joke, it’s impossible one to find one long enough.  And then enter the “mini skirt” and “mini dress.” HA! Yea, unless I have strong desire to show everyone my underwear, those are just NOT going to happen.

Luckily, I’ve found ways around a lot of these fashion struggles like locating stores where the “long” jeans are actually long, buying maxi skirts instead of dresses because you can wear them lower on the hips to make them touch your feet, and finding other ways to wear a mini dress.

This dress that I’m wearing  today is a mini dress, so I wasn’t surprised when it arrived and was too short to be acceptable to wear in public.  I loved this dress though, and couldn’t let that stop me from wearing it, so I decided to simply treat it like a long tunic.  I threw on some white shorts and rolled with it.  Overall it looks like a mini dress, but when I want to move around, I don’t have to worry about giving the whole world a show.

What’s one thing about your height (short, tall, medium) that makes clothing buying difficult?

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