Tips for Keeping Your Blog Life Organized


Sometimes trying to keep your blog life organized is surprisingly hard.  Between emails to catch up on, future posts to plan and shoot, current posts to optimize and promote, it can feel a little overwhelming sometimes. I’ve woken up in the middle of the night remembering I forgot to email someone back or have something due tomorrow.  It’s especially hard to navigate when blogging is your side hustle and you have a normal 9-5.  This means you really need to make the most of your “blogging” time when you have it.

So, I’m going to share my 5 blog organization tips, that can make keeping your blog organized a little easier.

I’m also sharing a free blog organization packet, just for you guys! Click here to download – or the button below – and receive my blog organization packet with a weekly planner, blog post idea planner, to do list, payment tracker, monthly organizer, AND a blog post checklist that has some SEO musts included to help make sure each post is best optimized.


Organize your files

Create a hierarchy organization system on your computer for saving files, graphics, etc. Keeping all your docs organized makes everything easier.  I split my But First, Coffee files into BLOG and YOUTUBE. Then under blog I have resource folders like “backend”stock photos”layout graphics” and “content upgrades” and category folders like “Outfits”Makeup Tutorials”DIYS,”Life/Travel,” etc.

Use planners (a couple of them)

Using a planner is a no-brainer, but I actually use two, sometimes three different versions. The first is my monthly planner which gives a snapshot overview of the month. I’ll add in campaigns or brand posts I have due, holidays I might gain inspiration from, etc. Next is the weekly planner. This gives an overview of the week with more detail including tasks needed to complete for each post, SEO notes, etc. Click here to download my printable planners

Find time for inspiration & write it down

Ideas for posts will come to you at the most RANDOM times. If I don’t write it down, I might never remember it. I just use the notes app on my phone to quickly jot down ideas that come to me – since my phone is usually nearby. Then, when in need of inspiration, I check the app! I also try to make time 1-2 times a week to read some of my favorite blogs, watch YouTube videos, check BuzzFeed, PopSugar, Twitter, etc. to gain extra inspiration. Sometimes a post about travel will remind me a cocktail recipe I wanted to do, and so on.

Batch your work

I suggest your chunk your work into batches. Multi-tasking is hard and sometimes it’s easier to do one kind of task all at once. So, on one day take all the pictures you need for your posts that week, the next day work on editing photos and adding branding, have another day be about writing content, and one day is about editing and optimizing.

Sometimes, just take a break

With looming to-do lists and things to get completed, it’s important to sometimes just take a break. I try to plan in one night a week where when I get home I have NO blog/YouTube work to do. I try to plan the majority of my work onto 2-3 days and then power through it, so I can have nights and time off.


What are some of your organization tips?

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