That Time I Was a Super Professional Model in NYC

Firstly, hey there. It has been a busy few weeks at the But First, Coffee/Caffeinate and Conquer headquarters. I’ve been working on some secret projects (not so secret if you saw yesterday’s webinar…watch the replay here) Said secret project took pretty much every spare second of my time I had. But I’ve got a lot of my time back now that it’s launch week and so I’m back at it.

Today, I want to tell you about that time I was a super professional model in NYC. And when I say “that time,” I mean this weekend. And when I say “super professional model,” I mean I had no idea what I was doing and smiling that much makes your cheeks hurt. And when I say “NYC,” I mean Brooklyn.

Minor details.


One of my absolute favorite things about this entire “blogging” thing I do is the community. Whenever I’m asked what I like most about blogging, it’s almost always my immediate answer. The sad thing about that, however,  is that I often lack time to engage in the community as much as I wish I could.  Because I also have a full-time job alongside this blog, and Caffeinate and Conquer (and that whole YouTube thing I do), getting a chance to meet with, talk with, engage with, and collaborate with fellow bloggers and social media influencers sometimes takes a back seat.

So, whenever given the chance, and I can find the time, I jump at the chance to work with the other amazing women (and men) out there doing crazy awesome things in this industry.  And that’s how I found myself in adorable knee-high socks on the cutest couch in Brooklyn trying my darndest to look adorable for a series of photos.  I’m going to tell you all about this awesome collaboration with The Style Theory early next week, so stay tuned.



For now, we just need to appreciate how stinkin’ cute every little detail of this shoot was, right? If I could just live inside this desk forever, I would.  I’ve also made the very sound decision that I MUST have a cute bowl of geodes in my house – this is very important. Also a glass terrarium with twinkle lights in it, I need this too.




After a long day of smiling a lot and being an all-around profesh model, I did what any profesh model would do…went out for hot dogs and beer. In case you didn’t know that’s kinda like a model’s #1 food group.

Brooklyn is one of my top 3 places in NYC. It’s sort of dirty, and not always picturesque, but it quaint and charming in its own way. Brooklyn is like Manhattan and the cutest little hometown got married and had a baby.  Right around Bedford Ave and 9th is a great place to pop yourself if you’ve never been to Brooklyn before. And, just one block down on Driggs Avenue is a place called Crif Dogs where you can get the best hot dogs Brooklyn makes.






Crif Dogs offers a variety of delicious hot dogs and luckily for me you can always swap one out for a veggie dog. Waffle fries covered in cheese. PBR. It was a good afternoon. Everything I needed to recharge. Well…maybe not EVERYTHING, because I finished my hot dog thinking about only one thing: ice cream.


(this is clearly a picture of my thinking very deeply about said ice cream)

And so, I turned to Yelp, as I always do when I’m hungry or thirsty or in need of a hospital or good accountant.  I found a spot a few blocks away called -321° where they make ice cream with liquid nitrogen. They start with fresh milks and creams and then add a blast of liquid nitrogen and BAM, ice cream.



Liquid Nitrogen ice cream is certainly good just for the process of watching it, but it actually creates some pretty tasty ice cream. Michael got Pumpkin Pie and I chose S’mores which came complete with toasted marshmallows on top.



I can’t wait to share my full story of working with The Style Theory with you guys next week.

And, if you want a sneak peek of my newest big project and Caffeinate and Conquer launch – then take a looksie right here.

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