Things you Don’t Appreciate Until they are Gone

Sunday night Michael and I arrived home after a fun but long, and tiring, trip to NYC. It was also brutally cold (if you followed me on the snapchat, you saw), which just always makes it feel THAT much more exhausting.
We arrived home and wanted nothing more than a hot shower, a quick meal, and sleep.

Instead, we were greeted by a frozen pipe and no proper running water (oh, and water spewing down into our kitchen forcing us to turn off the circuit breaker.) It took 48 hours until it could be fixed and I couldn’t believe how quick it took before I was dying for a flushing toilet, a warm shower, and functioning lights in our kitchen. It doesn’t take long for small creature comforts to become sorely missed once they are taken away. So, it got me thinking about some of the things you never really appreciate until you don’t have them:

things you don't miss until they are gone

1. Sunshine
Everyone loves feeling of the sun on their face, but it’s not until DAYS and WEEKS of countless cloudy days without a sun that makes you really appreciate the benefits you get from those warm rays of goodness.

2. A functioning toilet
As per my recent situation – oh lawd nothing can throw you off your game like having to pee in a cup at midnight. TMI? Maybe?

3. Having a neighbor(s) you can rely on
Having someone in your neighborhood you can quickly call for a hand with something is a true treasure. And, once you live somewhere where you have someone like that just a stone’s throw away and then move to where you don’t… you really miss it.

things you don't miss until they are gone

4. Having pets in the house
If you’re a pet owner and suddenly find yourself in your house without your pets, it just seems not quite right. There is nothing to snuggle, no one to tend to, no extra noise. You immediately miss their furry little presence. I’m sure this applies with children, but what would I know about that? #dogmomlife

5. Hot water
Everyone appreciates water, but HOT water…this is a beautiful thing. It’s relaxing and cleansing, and without it everything is…well…cold.

things you don't miss until they are gone

6. Your phone’s battery
OK, I debated even putting this on here because let’s get real – #firstworldproblems – but it’s so true. When your phone’s battery is dead, you miss it. While it may be sad how dependent we’ve become on them, you suddenly don’t have directions at your fingertips, you can text/call someone for help or a question, take selfies, etc.

things you don't miss until they are gone

7. A barista that know your order
When I switched jobs and had to start visiting another coffee shop, it seemed like forever before the baristas knew me and my drink order again. I didn’t realize how much I appreciated my daily baristas, their ability to hand me cup before I ordered, and their constant fuss over what color my nails were that day, until they were gone.

things you don't miss until they are gone

8. Freshly laundered anything:
Ever have to put on clothes that are dirty, and they feel kinda damp, and stiff..? Yea. Point and case.

What do you not miss until it’s gone?

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