Things that you learn (or at least should) once you’re a blogger

When Kallie asked me to contribute something fun and magical to BFC, I got butterflies in my gut. I mean, being here is a tall order, right? Or is it a venti?

Either way, Kallie just gets us, you know? Like, thank sweet heavens I’m not the only sneaking an occasional cosmo in my coffee mug. She’s like that super cool but ridiculously relatable and down-to-earth big sister that you never had but always wanted (to raid her closet).

The short n’ sweet version: I’m Erica, I blog inspirational, funny, and pretty things over at Coming Up Roses every MWF, and I like to get face time with all of you beautiful people over on YouTube once a week, too! I’m currently studying marketing and management at the Wharton School and am a bit obsessed with brand strategy, and I run on strong coffee (before anything else obvi), loud laughter, a bold lip, and lots of leopard print.


NOW onto some #realtalk. Today, I’m taking over Kallie’s space to blog about blogging, because that’s original and fun amiright? One time I wrote this post with 19 things Bloggers Know to be True, and people were really feelin’ it. So today, I’m spinning off of that and sharing those things that you probably learn (or at least should) once you’re a blogger.

  1. Meet your best (and worst) friend: Time. It’s going to take a lot of time for you to blossom and grow and get it all figured out. That’s OK. Don’t compare your today to someone else’s yesterday – or yesteryear!
  2. There is a difference between Passionfruit and the tropical fruit flavor. Know it, love it, embrace it (and rack in the dough from it hopefully!).
  3. Find your own tribe of chicas to have your back – and always have theirs. Be so supportive that they end up being real life friends.
  4. Instagram is a lie. You might think that some people just wake up and do hot yoga before going to the flower market in designer flip flops and a fresh manicure for that iced latte to “start the day right,” but really, they’re in bed editing yesterday afternoon’s photo to perfection. Or they’re a fashion blogger. (:
  5. Invest in the few essentials of blog world: a custom domain, your own favicon, a signature image, a clean layout, the most incredible support system, and a Keurig. But I’m sure you already knew about the last one.
  6. You might think statistics class is the biggest pain in the rear. Until you have a blog and you meet Google Analytics.
  7. Sometimes you’ll write something that feels like God’s gift to the internet, and no one will like it. That’s OK. For that, there is ice cream.
  8. And for said ice cream, there is Instagram.
  9. You’ll know you can’t physically ride a “follow train.”
  10. Keep your eyes on your own paper. No rubbernecking. Comparison is the thief of joy. You catch my drift?
  11. You post in your pajamas. Or just your underwear.
  12. Either your mom or the man in your life takes your photos. (Note: If you’re searching for a special someone, consider cluing them in on being your photog ahead of time. Or don’t? Whichever works out better for you in the end.)
  13. Your skin is about to get tougher, and that’s 100% OK. Brace yo’self…you’re now in a world where anything goes, and not everything is explainable or understood or fair or right. And that’s OK, because it’s kinda like life. So stay true to yourself and your own brand, be flexible and adaptable, be willing to take smart risks and venture on new adventures, be nice to people and lift others up, work your ass off, and set yourself up for a great time. Then stock up on Cabernet for unwinding on Friday night (in between answering emails and catching up on social, of course).

Major thanks to Kallie for letting me hang out here today – she is such a fun chica and a great support in this world, so everyone shower her with kind words and Starbucks today and don’t tell her I told you to. (;

In the meantime, come say hello on social media (here, here, here, here, or here…reader’s choice! (; ) and let me know you’re coming from Kallie! And I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes right now:

“Good things come to those who drink caffeine, think happy thoughts, work their butts off & encourage each other to be the best versions of themselves. “

Have an amazing week…and go make someone else’s amazing, too!


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