7 Things I Loved in June

July is here! Which, to me, means officially summer. And if the hot temps have anything to do with it then YES, summer is definitely here because it’s been a heat wave here in Connecticut. I wanted to round up all the things I LOVED in June, so here we go!

1. Headscarves & Bandanas

Hot weather means I’m always looking for simple ways to get my hair up and off my shoulders. This year I’m hooked on bandanas and headscarves. They are perfect for humid days, dressing up a messy bun, or hiding those crazy flyaway baby hairs. If you want to know how I wear it, I shared a simple tutorial on how I wear a bandana with a messy bun on my IGTV. I picked up a pack of assorted bandanas on Amazon for $9, so I have different colors to choose from.

2. Converse Slip-Ons

I don’t know how I made it to the age of 30 without having a pair of Converse in my life, but now that I do I’m hooked. I’ve never been a big sneaker wearer. I wear a size 9 shoe, which isn’t big by any means, but it’s big enough that with a bulky shoe I feel like it makes them look too large (add that to the list of stupid things to be self-conscious about, right?) Anyways, I think that’s why I have steered away from converse for so long. But, I got the Converse Shoreline Slip Ons on Amazon and they are amazing. They have elastic back so you literally just slip them on (no tying!), and the style and shape doesn’t make it look like you’re wearing clown shows. I totally get what the hype is all about now.

Tip: I highly suggest a pack of low profile socks to wear with your Converse. Actually, one of you gave me that tip on Instagram Stories, and it’s a gamechanger.

3. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturizing Lotion

So, I use the Palmer’s Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks on my baby bump every night. I also use it on my legs, because I find it helps make them look SO smooth and soft. But, I was recently visiting my mom and she had the tub of cocoa butter lotion which is much thicker. It’s almost like pure cocoa butter. It’s definitely a little greasy, so I use it at night, but it’s amazing for those super dry spots! I use it on my hands, feet, and growing belly.

4. St. Tropez Express Bronzing Mousse

This has been my go-to bronzer for a few years. I’ll be honest it’s not perfect, but overall, I find it the best option. It takes only about 7-10 minutes to apply to my entire body and applies really evenly. Unlike some self-tanners that streak or stick to patches, this bronzer does a really good job applying in a nice, even layer. The color is also really natural, not orange at all.

There are a few downsides. I find the color only lasts a few days, which is unfortunate because I really only care to self tan once a week. Also, you have to apply it, let it sit, and then rinse it off all at once – as opposed to some you can just apply and go. Because of this, I need to make sure to apply it at least a few hours before bed. The directions say to leave on for 1 hour for a light tan, 2 hours for a medium tan, and 3 hours for a dark tan, but honestly, I find anything under 2-3 hours isn’t worth it. I try to leave it on at least 3 hours, sometimes a little longer if I can, and then rinse off in the shower before bed.

Either way, compared to all the other tanners I’ve used, I prefer this one because of its ease of application and natural color.

5. Pregnancy Favorite: Old Navy Classic Tees and Tanks

I’ll share this month’s pregnancy favorite, and that’s the classic tees and tank tops from Old Navy. They are already a pretty good price (between $12-$16) but, if you watch their website, they typically go on sale at least once a month. I’ve snagged most my tops up for about $6-$10.

I love them because they are good quality and hold up well, but also just do the baby bump good justice. There’s something about a maternity top that makes your bump look adorable while a regular t-shirt just makes me look like I ate too many donuts. If you see me in pretty much any top on Instagram, it’s probably a tee/tank from Old Navy.

6. Polar Seltzers (Limited Edition Flavors)

I was never a big seltzer drinker. I usually drink three things: water, coffee, and booze. But, being pregnant, it has messed with some of those staples. So, I’ve been branching out. I was super intrigued by the new Polar Flavored Seltzers. Honestly, the cute packaging got to me – smart marketing. They come in 5 flavors, Pineapple Lemon Twist, Mango Cherry Bliss, Blueberry Tangerine, Raspberry Rosé, and Cucumber Melon. They are calorie, sugar, and caffeine-free, and super refreshing! The only two flavors I haven’t tried so far are Mango Cherry and Blueberry Tangerine but you better believe they are on my list!

7. Sharing my Healthy Eating Habits

This video idea was something I’d wanted to share for a long time but wasn’t totally sure how to execute it. I’m not a nutritionist by any means. But, as I shared in my Healthy Eating Habits that Changed My Life video, I made big changes to my overall eating after college. I had not been eating healthy and as a result, had less energy and put on a little extra weight. While weight certainly doesn’t equate to healthy, I knew I could be eating better. However, I’m NOT a person who diets, so instead, I learned how to adopt some healthy eating habits into my everyday life that allowed me to eat better without ever prescribing to a diet.

I LOVED hearing everyone’s feedback on this video and knowing that these tricks have works for many of you or that my story helped to inspire some of you to be healthier as well. Don’t get me wrong, I’m NO health nut. I love bad fats and sugary desserts, but I also have learned to love wholesome, good-for-me food as well. I’ve learned a balance that allows me to eat well and also eat the bad foods as well when I want to splurge.

What things did you LOVE in June?

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