The Best Modern Boho Home Decor under $50

The other day I was trying to nail down what my “home decor style” is. It’s not rustic or farmhouse. It’s not luxury or glam. It’s not really modern because I love adding things that are whimsical and colorful. I also love having pieces that mean something or have a history as well as pieces that are new and shiny and trendy.

I guess I can’t exactly nail down my home decor style because I never play by any set of rules. I buy pieces I love, add pieces that have meaning to me, and then throw in a few things just for fun… and that’s what we’re left with. It certainly isn’t perfect, and I don’t think I’ll be getting hounded by HGTV to do a segment anytime soon…but it’s me. I’ve always said, “I want my house to look lived-in.” While perfectly put together, all white homes are dreamy to look at, I could never live in one myself. I want personality. I want the house to look like not just anyone lives there, but that Michael and Kallie live there.

All that being said, I certainly gravitate towards modern pieces that have structure and are versatile, but also love boho pieces because they are quirky and colorful. So, today I thought I’d combine those two together into a Modern Boho Home Decor style, and share the best pieces I could find in that style under $50! So hang onto your wallets, let’s do this thing!

modern boho home decor under $50

Yarn Wall Hanging – pictured here $19 | similar here $48 | similar yarn wall hanging DIY here

Crystal Light – pictured here $22.99

Paper Floor lamp- pictured here $16.99 | similar here $9.99

Blue Glass Goblet – pictured here $29.99

Tabletop vases – pictured here $40

Tassel Garland – pictured here $12.30 | similar tassel garland DIY here

Bamboo Table – pictured here $34.99

Shut eye pillow – pictured here $36

Wooden tray – pictured here $23

Llama print – pictured here $21.99

Woven rug – pictured here $19.99

Colorful basket – pictured here $24| similar here $24

Geode coasters – pictured here $34.99

White shag pillow – pictured here $39

Llama bookends – pictured here $19.99

Embroidered pillow – pictured here $17.99

Pink dyed rug – pictured here $39.99

Faux Agave Plant – pictured here $46.99

White shag folding chair – pictured here $49.99

Gold decorative mirror – pictured here $37.99

Ceramic plant stand – pictured here $29| similar here $34

I love that the mixture of these pieces gives you everything from versatile staples to fun, quirky, colorful accents. They give a room personality and sass. What pieces do you love from this collection? If you’re looking for some more affordable home decor, make sure to check out this list I made of the best places to get affordable home decor online!

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