The Best GIFT GUIDE For Teachers

It’s time for the 2021 gift guide series. This post is great gift ideas for teachers! The best gift ideas for teachers priced from $3 to $30. Pick just one or combine a two for great teacher gift ideas.

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I want to start this gift guide with a little note. As a former teacher, I have been on the receiving end of teacher gifts. And I can say I received gifts everywhere from handmade DIY to over $50 from a single family. I think, like moms, the one thing teachers want above “things” is just to feel appreciated. Teaching is such a labor of love. They spend all day caring for, fostering, teaching, and empowering small minds, and they often go home and plan and prep for the next day. Whatever you choose to give your teachers this year, make sure you take some time to let them know how much you appreciate them. A $10 gift can be just as special as a $50 one if it’s given with words of gratitude.

ONE // Indoor Houseplant – Great gift for the classroom or for them to take home. These come right in the planter, super nice I’ve bought one myself.

TWO // Teacher Affirmation – These are super cute cards with different teacher affirmations that can be displayed on their desk.

THREE // “Smells like Christmas Break” Candle – I love candles as gifts because even if the teacher is gifted a couple, you really can’t have TOO MANY candles, since you’ll eventually burn through them all. So, it’s not one of those gifts you have to worry about the teacher getting too many of. And, of course, love the humor with this one.

FOUR // “From the Desk Of” Personalized Notepad – Another gift that a teacher will definitely make good use of, every teacher can always use some more little notepads. And the personalization on these are so cute.

FIVE // Grammer Shirt – This is too funny for any English or grammar school teacher!

SIX // “You’re Doing Great” Mug – Sometimes I’m hesitant with gifting mugs because they can be one of those things we end up with too many of. But I do think this one is so pretty and such a good price point.

SEVEN // Nice Hand Lotion – Great to keep on their desk or purse, everyone needs some hand moisturizer love this time of year.

EIGHT // “It’s a Good Day to Learn” t-shirt – so cute and unique!

NINE // Personalized Name Tee – One other shirt option, this one is personalized with their name and I think it’s very sweet and personal

TEN // Desk Name Sign – I think this is so cute for a classroom!

ELEVEN // Emergency Kit – Great to keep in the class for little emergencies!

TWELVE // Teach Bracelet Stack – This little beaded stack of three bracelets with one staying “teach” is so sweet.

THIRTEEN // “You’ve For This” Personalized Mug

FOURTEEN // Yeti Water Bottle – Every teacher would get tons of use out of these.

FIFTEEN // “Half Teacher Half Coffee” T-Shirt

SIXTEEN // Christmas Ornament – Target has these little children ornaments which would be cute to gift a teacher or daycare provider, and they are only $3! So great for teacher aids or other teachers you have to buy for but don’t want to overspend.

SEVENTEEN // Gift Card – OK listen, I know gift cards can feel not too personal, but considering the teacher is probably getting A LOT of little gifts this time of year, maybe let them treat themselves with something they get to pick. Send it with a nice letter and it’s still very personal.

EIGHTEEN // Handmade Stovetop Potpourri

NINETEEN // Custom Journals – Handmade and stamped with their name

NOT LISTED: Don’t forget some of those famous Christmas cookies you make, a bottle of wine, chocolates, coffee or tea….basically anything edible also a winner 🙂


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