The Best Farmhouse Decor for Under $50

A few months back I rounded up my favorite boho-inspired home decor under $50 and you guys seemed pretty jazzed about it. And, I’m not surprised because who doesn’t wanna save some money when it comes to home decor, let’s get real. Not to mention, a lot of home decor items can be ex-pen-sive! Seriously, nobody needs to be spending $150 on a pillow, that’s just crazy.

While farmhouse style isn’t necessarily the style of my house, I didn’t want to do these round-ups for only home decor that fit into my style. I wanted to offer styles that everyone can love. And, I know a lot of people are digging on the farmhouse look nowadays because let’s be honest… The Gaines. Say what you want about Chris Pratt and Anna Faris, but The Gaines are real relationship goals.

Also, even though my house isn’t “rustic farmhouse chic,” I definitely take inspiration from all over with my style. I think you can definitely incorporate home decor styles together. You could mix some rustic into your boho vibes or modern into your preppy coastal style.

Ok, so here we go the BEST farmhouse decor around the interwebs for under $50.

Bless this Nest Picture $24, get it here

Wire Storage Bin $22, get it here

Coffee, Tea, Sugar Enamel Containers $22.50, get it here

Beekman Farmhouse Woven Throw $37.50, get it here

Rustic Wooden Window Frame $37.50, get it here

Railway Table Lamp $50, get it here

Wire Wall Storage Bin $50, get it here

16″ Galvanized Watering Jug $33, get it here

Clear Glass Vase Set $27, get it here

Compass Pillow (case) $6, get it here

Reclaimed Barnwood Ladder, 5′ $24, get it here

Beekman Wire Pendant Lamp $45, get it here

Farmhouse Window Wreath, handmade $19, get it here

Home Sweet Home Galvanized Sign $42, get it here

Gilchrist Hand-Woven Rug $33, get it here

Galvanized Wall Planter $39, get it here

Beekman Dinnerware Mugs, 4 set $18, get it here

Glass Dome with Base $10, get it here

Metal Counter Stool $42, get it here

Burlap Cow and Hen Pillow $30, get it here

Which pieces are your favorite? I really love that reclaimed ladder. I’ve actually been looking for one like that to hang my blankets on in my living room and that one is a great price. Trust me, I looked all over. I also think you could do a lot with those wire hanging baskets. You could use them for fruit, or in an office for paperwork, or in a child’s bedroom for toys!

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