The 11 Best Things I Bought on Amazon in 2018

Going through your order history on Amazon is sort of like a black hole. Adorable shoes next to dog food next to diapers next to a carpet cleaner. It’s like nothing is off limits. It’s the most random assortment of necessary items and “oh, I gotta have that” items.

My good blog friend Erica at Coming Up Roses shared her top 20 purchases from Amazon in 2018 and I thought it was such a fun idea. Although mind you, her top 20 are much cuter/organized and less random than mine. But, my best purchases from Amazon truly are the strangest assortment, so let’s dive in!

1. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lotion
I bought this when pregnant because of its claim to help prevent stretch marks. I have NO idea if it really prevents stretch marks but I’ll just say I slathered it on daily and didn’t get one stretch mark with Miles. But, I also loved how much it improves the elasticity of my skin. I even started using it on my legs and it makes them look SUPER smooth and taut.

2. Converse Chuck Taylor Shoreline Low Top Sneaker
How did I get to the age of 30 without owning a pair of Converse? I don’t know. But I love these sneakers. I literally wear them ALL THE TIME. They are slide on sneakers and have a slight elastic band in the back so they are SUPER comfortable. The low profile makes them look great with so many things from dresses to skinny jeans to shorts. Hands down the most versatile sneakers I’ve ever owned.

3. ZYLISS Lock N’ Lift Can Opener
I warned you this would be a RANDOM list. But, guys, I’ve used some BAD can openers in my day. I couldn’t figure out why I kept having to buy new ones every year. It was like it’d work for a few months and then rust up or stop opening cans. This can opener is the best. I don’t know what else to tell you except that it is the best can opener I’ve ever used. I’m sorry if my excitement about a can opener is off-putting… but little things like this bring me joy.

4. Wooden Sofa Arm Clip-On Table
Everyone who comes to our house comments on how smart this little thing is. It is, as described, a clip-on table that snaps onto any sofa arm. I bought it originally for nursing (I could have water, my phone, the remotes, etc. all at arm’s length when I was feeding Miles endlessly his first 2 months). But, now we use it ALL the time. It’s great for when guests are over to have a place to put their snacks or a beverage.

5. Webcam Cover Slider
I think we’ve all heard about the horror stories of people’s cameras on their laptops getting hacked into. Scary times, friends. For a while, I had a really fancy piece of tape over my camera but then every time I needed to actually USE my camera I’d have to peel it off and then I’d forget to replace it. These little webcam covers go right over your computer’s webcam but then slide open and close. GENIUS.

6. IKEA Spice Rack – set of 6
I stole this idea from a good friend who had bought these shelves to use in her nursery for baby books. They are the PERFECT size and shape for books. You get this pack of 6 for about $50 and the shelves are super verstaile. We used them in Miles’ nursery but have also used some in the bathroom too!
(Just as a note, the shelves themselves are cheaper at Ikea – only about $5 each. But, shipping from Ikea can be expensive so if you’re not able to go to an actual Ikea location, it turns out to be about the same/cheaper to get them on Amazon than to pay shipping.)

7. Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder
I’m actually laughing at how random this list is as I go through it. HAHA! But seriously, is there anything more annoying than putting out birdseed just to see the darn squirrels eating it all in 20 minutes? This birdfeeder is set to a weight limit so if something too heavy (like a squirrel) were to be on it, their weight snaps it closed so they can’t get in! Our pesky squirrels tried ALL SUMMER to get in but never could.

8. Canon Wireless Printer
I was constantly going to Staples to print things (return labels, gift cards, work papers, etc.) But, I avoided getting my own printer because I had visions of the big bulky ones taking up precious space in our small office. We finally caved and got a printer just because we really needed something at home and this is PERFECT. Super small (literally the width of a piece of paper) and wireless. It sits down on a bottom shelf and barely takes up space. You never realize how much you need a printer until you have one!

9. Button Down Nursing Nightgown
I tried to avoid baby-related stuff in this round-up since I feel like that’s a post on its own. But, I LIVED in this nightgown for about 2 months when Miles arrived. Certainly, it’s a comfy nightgown for anyone. But, with lots of middle-of-the-night feedings, it was so easy and simple for those first few weeks when Miles was born.

10. Glass Food Storage Containers with Lids, 26-Piece Set
2018 was the year I rid my life of plastic Tupperware and upgraded to glass and I’m never looking back! These stack inside of one another to take up the least amount of space. The glass is way longer-lasting than plastic, and I don’t feel uncomfortable microwaving it. I love this set because you get a great range of sizes.

11. Cloth Laundry Hamper
I bought this for Miles’ nursery, but it would be so good anywhere. As someone who has to lug laundry up and down stairs, cloth is the way to go! So much lighter and easier to carry! This has easy to grab handles and a waterproof lining. And, even though it’s cloth, it stands up on its own perfectly and doesn’t lose its shape over time. And, it comes in tons of colors and designs!

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