DIY Tassel Fringe Planter

Back at it with a new DIY today and surprise surprise…it has tassels. (Actually not sorry.)

You may or may not know what I very openly admit my lack of having any type of “green thumb.” I’ve killed more plants than I can count. However, our new place gets really good natural light and I’m using it as inspiration to bring more plants into my house. Even my husband is getting on board with it. He even suggested we have some succulents in the new office we’re currently redoing. (He called them “edamame” and I cried from laughing so hard once I figured out what he meant… but we’ll give him brownie points for trying.)

My newest addition is a leafy tropical plant that lives in our entryway. He (yes all my plants are he or she) apparently “likes both sun and diffused light” and doesn’t need much watering. My kinda guy. I wanted to get a really neat woven style plant holder with some fun pom poms or details on it, but I also didn’t want to spend $20+ on a planter. Do you know how many coffees that is? Like, 8.

How to Make the Planter

There was some chunky yarn leftover from this project and some colorful yarn leftover from this project and figured I could create my own little planter and use up some of this leftover in one fell swoop. Using the ugly black planter holder the plant came in, a little hot glue, and about 15 minutes of my time, I transformed it into an entryway-worthy planter.

All you need to do it wrap the yarn around the planter, adding hot glue every inch or so. You could use all types of textiles here from yarn to rope to twine, depending on the style you’re going for. Rope would look great if you have a more “rustic” home decor look, and twine or thicker white-wash rope would look great in more modern home decor.

When I was about 1 inch down from the top, I stop and strung on a tassel every inch. Making yarn tassels are mega easy, see an easy tutorial here. Just continue wrapping the yarn until you get to the end!

This planter cost me $0, considering the planter came with the plant and I had all the yarn leftover from other projects. However, if I had bought all the yarn to make it, it would still only cost me about $10.

I’m slowly working on bringing more and more spots of color into our house. I tend to always start with a neutral space and then slowly fill it with colors. While I love color, I don’t always know the best ways to have it in a space without overdoing it.

I think this planter helps bring a little more fun and color to our entryway…however I’m still plotting things to fill that shelf with.  That’s the kind of fun thing about houses, you get to constantly spruce it up. I call it “putzing around” when I am working to perfect a spot. I’m pretty sure that’s not the right word because I think it is defined as like, “doing something unproductive.” But, either way, it’s my word. I tell Michael, “I’m going to putz for a little bit,” and he knows it means I’m going to be cleaning and rearranging bookshelves or agonizing over which photo to hang where. Someone else please tell me they do this.

My entryway is mostly pieces that we’ve acquired over the years. A black and white photo my uncle took (who is a professional photographer). A painting I bartered for when we took a trip to the Carribean. A quote I sketched 3-4 years ago. But…if you want to shop some of the pieces or similar, here they are:

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