Sunday Inspiration: Empowering one another

Hey all! Happy Sunday. Today’s inspiration is one I’ve been wanted to do for awhile but every time I start to write about it it either becomes an angsty soapbox preach or it falls down into a rabbit hole of words spinning on and on for paragraphs.  So, let me try this again.

I’m constantly amazed and surprised by the Mean Girls culture we live in – and I don’t mean the cutesy Regina Geroge kind.   Women, who can be the most nurturing, kind, and compassionate creatures, also have this ability to be so evil and destructive to one another, too.  I think our access to social media elevates the issue even more, with the anonymity of the Internet people can get away with some real awful things without having to deal with the consequences.

Girls looks at one other as competition, and they think they need to tear others down if they want a chance at the top. Women, on the other hand, build each other up, “hey girls, come on, there is room for us all up here!”  While girls look at other ladies and compare themselves, and find flaws in one another, women embrace other women, encouraging their strengths and empowering one another. When you walk into a room girls look at you from the corner of their eyes, sizing you up, picking you apart.  Women on the other hand, invite you in, offer you a glass of wine and compliment your shoes.

I’ve always said I’m so happy I’m a lady, being a man would be the worst; we’re prettier, cleaner, and smell better. But, at the same time, being a lady isn’t easy; beauty is pain, we have uncontrollable hormones at time, and then there is that whole child birth bit-  so, really, shouldn’t we all just look out for each other instead of wasting time criticizing and denouncing one another?

Now, I’m no saint… I’ve talked behind someone’s back before and thought not-nice things about another lady in my lifetime.  And, if you’ve done the same (be honest here, this is a judgment free zone), it’s OK.  We’re only human.  The real power comes from what you do with the not-nice things you think or do.  Realizing that they aren’t right and changing your thinking and changing your actions.  Remember that we should all empower one another.  Look for the positive in one another and encourage each other’s strengths. Often it takes a very conscious effort to change your way of thinking, but once you do you open the door of opportunity to friendships, support, encouragement and trust.

That’s all for this week, I’ve literally tried writing eight endings and they all end up paragraphs long.  Everyone make the conscious effort to build up another lady (or another man, if there are men reading this…) this week! The support and encouragement will come back around to you. Pay it forward.
Ps. I love you guys for loving my Sunday Inspiration posts so much (talk about building each other up!)

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