Summer Clothing Steals Under $20 From Walmart

This past weekend I decided to check out my local Walmart to see what they had for clothing. Typically, I never did a lot of shopping at Walmart for clothes. But over the past months, I’ve been seeing more cute pieces from them. I was reading a fellow blogger’s post a week or so ago and was surprised when an adorable dress she was wearing was from Walmart. Then, I heard some buzz about how Walmart recently partnered with Lord & Taylor to offer more high-end clothing on their websites. I figured Walmart was trying to make a more conscious effort to up their fashion game, and I was intrigued.

Pictured Above: Walmart Maxi Dress | J.Crew Factory Black Tee

I’ll have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. Certainly, you have to sort through it all. They carry a lot of styles so you have to weed through it to find things that match your personal style. But, if you take the time to browse all the racks, you can find some gems. I was also really impressed with the quality of some of the items. Some more affordable fashion stores have clothing that’s made of fabric so paper thin you wonder how anyone wears it *coughforever21cough* I didn’t find that to be the case for most the items I saw at Walmart. They had thick jersey knit dresses and trendy linen fabrics.  Not to mention, everything is SO reasonably priced it’s hard to go wrong!

Over on YouTube, I brought you along with me when I did my shopping. And, I shared what I bought and also what I tried on while in the store.

I picked up three summer items, all under $20, but I thought I’d also round up some other great picks I saw there (and online) for you.

Summer Tops and Tees from Walmart

There were endless options for cute summer tops at Walmart and TONS of trendy options too. Florals are definitely the name of the game this year and there was an abundance to choose from in all styles and colors. I also found some really great chic pieces that were timeless and classic. I was super impressed with this sweater tank top, a trendy piece for summer 2018, and super versatile to transition into fall. The floral print pleated blouse was also a standout to me. So feminine and perfect for summer nights.

Walmart Swimwear Picks

Killin’ it with swimwear, I gotta say. I was obsessed with the swimwear choices Walmart had. And, of course, equally impressed with the prices. I can’t believe every suit below is UNDER $20! Like, what? They had an amazing selection of one-pieces from more classic to fun and trendy. But, they also had some great two pieces as well in all the styles.

Summer Dresses and Jumpsuits

Where I cleaned up was the dresses and jumpsuits. Obviously, with my growing baby bump, easy breezy dresses are ideal and Walmart didn’t disappoint with choices. I grabbed this tan maxi dress. I’m wearing it with a layered t-shirt here, because it’s just not quite warm enough for sleeveless, but it has a beautiful crochet detailed bodice. I also snagged this amazing palm leaf jumpsuit, which I’ve searched for tirelessly on their website but can’t find – it might be in-stores only.

Summer Accessories

A few accessories are a fun way to spruce up any outfit but I hate (hate hate hate) breaking the bank on accessories. Naturally, Walmart is a one-stop-shop. I was really impressed with the shoe collection. SO many cute summer sandals for under $20. I wear the HECK out of my shoes in the summer so often investing in really nice pairs isn’t worth it because by November they look like they’ve been run over by a truck. That’s why 1-2 cute pairs of sandals that don’t break the bank are always an early-summer purchase.
And, of course, you can stock up on jewelry, summer totes and bags, and hats.

Tips for Clothing Shopping at Walmart

Shopping at Walmart for clothes can be a little different than other stores. There’s a lot of variety crammed into a small space. So, here’s some takeaways I can suggest when you decide to pop in to do some shopping.

  • Browse Each Rack: At first glance, a rack might not look like it has anything for you, but they squeeze a lot on each one. Take a moment to look over each section to make sure there aren’t any hidden gems.
  • Try a Few Sizes: In general, I found most the sizes fit pretty true to size. But, they carry a variety of brands and each fit is a little different – not to mention I found that the Junior’s and Women’s sections seemed to be all mixed together. In some you might want to size down, while in others you’ll want to size up.
  • Shop Junior’s Online, Too: A few of the cute finds I saw in the store I couldn’t find online at first. Then I realized they were in the Junior’s section. While some of the Junior’s stuff might feel too “young” that’s not the case for it all. A lot of it is just a little more trendy or in brighter/bolder prints.
  • Online Items Aren’t All In Store, And Vice Versa: If you see something you love, then grab it because there’s only a 50% chance you’ll see it again. I could only find some of the items I bought in store online. And, naturally, they have a much wider selection online than in store.
  • Shop Multiple Stores: Some Walmarts have better clothing sections than others. The one closest to me is usually a wash for clothing. But, I have two others in about a 25-minute drive radius that have much better selections and larger clothing departments.

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