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2016 is a year where it is so easy to compare ourselves to one another. Before the influx of social media we could compare our lives to other peers in our geography that we saw on a daily, or weekly, basis. We could lust after a life we maybe read in a magazine, or watched on a T.V. show. But in 2016, we’re confronted with other’s success and other’s lives repeatedly at every turn through social media, day in and day out.

I, personally, am an advocate for social media and the internet. While it’s completely changed our culture, I believe in its power for good (that’s the optimist in me.) I think about the stories where tweets go viral to help a sick child, instagrams are shared to assist in finding a lost dog, important news stories are shared that wouldn’t usually be reported on. Not to mention its power to connect people all over the world. Before someone could feel so alone in the constraints of their hometown, but can now connect with others like them. They can be empowered knowing their aren’t along, there are others like them.

That being said, there is also a side to social media that we need to be weary of, and that’s how it makes us feel.

I think it’s important for ourselves, that we stay in-tuned to how certain things impact our attitudes. If you realize something is bringing you down, you need to step back and analyze it. I have found myself before, getting caught up in the pull of the jealousy of social media. You see everyone’s life and it seems perfect. You are jealous of their travels, their fashion, their number of followers, their photo skills. I’ve found the best way to cure this is to try to remind myself to be inspired by other’s successes. We should let other’s success act as a motivator not a pain of jealousy. We should take a step back and realize we don’t need to be fighting everyone to get to the top….there is room for us all.

So next time you find yourself lusting over someone’s instagram feed, try to find inspiration in it instead of jealousy.  Remind yourself of what inspires you and what things you can be doing to make your dreams a reality.

How do you keep a level head in the world of social media?

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