Why I Stopped Blogging Every Day.

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Ok, it’s time to address the elephant in the room. Well, for some of us at least.

At the beginning of 2016 I made a bold announcement. I declared that in 2016 I would be blogging every single (business) day.  I had started to lose some of the excitement I had in blogging and blogging everyday was my idea to reinvigorate myself into BFC.  I jumped right in feet first. I didn’t necessarily anticipate to “fail” but I also wasn’t totally sure I’d make it all the way.  The idea was really just to get myself BACK into the blog in a more full-time sense.

I stuck with it really well until about the end of May. This isn’t surprising that this is when I fell off, considering I got married June 4th and left to go to Peru for two weeks.  While on my wedding hiatus, I stuck to 3 posts a week and when I returned, I just fell into a 3-4 post a week routine instead of getting BACK to 5 times a week.

So, did I fail at my Blogging Every Day goal?

I say no. I got out of it what I set out to achieve, a new commitment to my blog, to writing, and a consistent schedule of 3-4 posts a week. I was able to reinvigorate my passion for blogging and writing, and got to start coming up with fun and creative post ideas again. The entire process completely refocused me on BFC. I’ve been taking online courses, signed up for a photography class, started reconnecting with other bloggers and the blogging community and more. Additionally I’ve become more focused on my brand as a whole, working hard on my YouTube channel, as well. My YouTube channel, while a branch of this blog, is still its own beast. I’ve been posting twice a week over there as of late! So, with about 4 blog posts a week and 2 videos a week, I don’t feel like I failed at all.


Even though I can’t say I made it an entire year blogging everyday, I can say I still got something out of the process. Sometimes it’s not about succeeding, but instead about what you learned from NOT succeeding.

See you 3-4 times a week 😉

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