How to Spring Clean Your Mind and Body

I partnered with my friends at Megan Media and Tropicana for this post #BelieveInYourGut. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.
spring clean clean your mind and body

I love using spring as an excuse to do some cleaning in my life. I think we all know about spring cleaning our house, but today I want to talk about some ways you can spring clean your mind and body. These are some little things you can do that will help you step back and declutter your mind as well as take a little time to detoxify your body.

In this day and age we all get so darn busy it can be easy to let “me time” slip out the window. That’s why I think you should dedicate a little time once a season to allowing yourself to recharge and reset. So, whether you take a half day from work or keep a Sunday afternoon free from plans, find a few hours to dedicate to spring cleaning your mind and body this year. I’m going to tell you some easy ways to do it!

Detoxify your skin

Giving your skin a good detox is a perfect way to spring clean your body. Not to mention it’s a great thing to do before the summer weather hits us and we’re walking around in our jean shorts! The first thing I start doing this time of year to detoxify my skin is dry brushing. If you don’t know what dry brushing is, it involves using a dry bristled brush and essentially just brushing your skin with it in short strokes, always brushing in the direction of your heart. This has a handful of benefits. Firstly, it’s a great exfoliating practice to keep your skin smooth and encourage cell turnover. Nextly, the process helps to detoxify your skin as it encourages your lymph fluids to drain, which improves your organ health, immunity, and can decrease cellulite. If you want to see a little bit more about dry brushing, check out my all-natural skin care video and fast forward to about 3:30.

How to Spring Clean Your Mind and Body

Get in your Probiotics

Probiotics help get your insides get on the right path. My favorite way to get in my probiotics is with the new Tropicana Probiotics because it makes getting probiotics into my diet delicious. Anytime I can make anything more delicious, I’m all about it! The Tropicana Probiotics is 100% juice with probiotics, has no added sugar or artificial flavors, and delivers over one billion live and active cultures to your gut. They come in three delicious flavors: Strawberry Banana, Pineapple Mango, and Peach Passion Fruit.

How to Spring Clean Your Mind and Body

Take Vitamins

I’ll be honest, I avoided vitamins like the plague for so many years. Whenever I started taking vitamins in the pill form I’d always get headaches. So I started looking for other places I could get my vitamins. Just like how I loved getting my probiotics in a tasty way, I turned to tasty gummies for my vitamins. If I fall off the vitamin wagon over the winter, I make sure to get back on it this time of year. I’m looking to get in extra folic acid, iron, calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin C this year, so typically I take a women’s gummy vitamin. For vitamin C I turn back to my Tropicana Probiotics because it provides your whole day’s vitamin C…and then some!

How to Spring Clean Your Mind and Body

Make a quarterly to-do list

Making to-do lists helps so many people organize what they need to get done and make a running list of tasks. The problem is usually we make to-do lists for the day or at most, the week. Every 3-4 months I like to sit down and make a quarterly to do list. It’s things I want to get completed for the next few months. This helps me set and achieve more long term goals but also helps me mentally organize larger tasks. Some to-dos seem so large you can feel like it’d be impossible to complete. By creating a to-do list that spans a longer amount of time, you can break the larger tasks up into smaller, more manageable tasks.

How to Spring Clean Your Mind and Body

Remove negativity

Sometimes we have negative things in our life and don’t even realize they are there. This can span from following someone on Facebook who makes you feel down every time you see them on your newsfeed to listening to too much negative news to being in a relationship with someone who is toxic. Step back and see if you have any of these negative influences in your life. Look for things that bring down your mood instead of bringing it up. Some of these things will be easier to remove, like just hitting the “unfollow” button, but others might be harder. Just remember that in the long-term this will reduce the amount of stress in your life and improve your overall well-being.

Start good habits

If you’ve fallen off the wagon with any of your healthy habits over the winter, now is the time to get back into them. This can include a wide variety of things from getting back into the habit of making your bed every morning to adding yoga back into your morning routine. Good habits can set the mood for the entire day.

I partnered with my friends at Megan Media and Tropicana for this post #BelieveInYourGut. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.

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