Splendid Spoon Review – Are They Worth It?

In this post I’m covering all you want to know about Splendid Spoon smoothie and grain bowls. Are they worth it? What’s the cost? How do you subscribe? Are they tasty?

Disclaimer: This post isn’t sponsored. Splendid Spoon did send me some of their products to try. But, I’ve also continued to purchase more boxes on my own with my own money. As always, all opinions and thoughts are my own.

As a busy mom, it can be really hard for me to take care of myself and make sure I’m eating properly. I often find myself in the internal struggle between preparing a nutritious meal or marking something off of my to-do-list. This is when it gets tempting to grab a quick snack when I’m starting to get hungry or am feeling drained. Too often this is not a healthy snack and in the end, does me no good. This is why I’m always on the lookout for a healthy option that is also quick and easy. 

My need for quick and nutritious meal options is what lead me to find Splendid Spoon. Have you heard of them?  I’ve used them a handful of times and they are honestly the most delicious food delivery I’ve ever had. One of my favorite things is they are ZERO prep. Some days even getting out the blender and blending up my own smoothie is too much work so I love that these are grab and go. Splendid Spoon has been a great replacement for those unhealthy options that I often grab when I feel crunched for time. 

What Is Splendid Spoon?

Splendid Spoon can be much more than just a healthy snack option during the day. Splendid spoon offers ready-to-eat, nourishing, plant-based smoothies, soups, grain bowls, noodles, and shots. 

They have a variety of plans that you can choose from. These plans are designed to create healthy routines for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so you can reach your health goals. Each meal contains fresh plant-based, gluten-free and GMO-free ingredients – all clean ingredients.

What Plans Do They Offer?

Breakfast – includes 5 smoothies. There are 15 smoothie flavors to choose from. (My favorites are Mint Chip, AB&J, and Chocolate Cherry)

Lunch – includes 5 soup and grain bowls. There are 30 different bowl recipes available and I haven’t had one I dislike!

Breakfast + Lunch – comes with 5 smoothies and 5 soup and grain bowls. 

Breakfast, Lunch + Reset – adding the rest to your plan will add 5 bowls of light soup. These are different soup options than what you get for lunch. 

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner + Reset – this is the best value for your money. It includes 20 total meals. The dinners include 5 noodle bowls. 

a go-to for busy mom life!

How Does it Work?

Choose from over 50 meals each week, it’s very easy to edit them in your account every week. Also, you can note ingredients that you’d like to avoid in future orders.

Shipping is always FREE and you get the box delivered to your door. Choose between Wednesday or Friday delivery days. You can also skip the delivery and choose when you want to receive the next box.

All of your meals arrive ready-made. None of the meals take more than 4 minutes to heat up! It’s all prepped for you and now you can avoid the temptation to add eat a cookie for lunch when the day has gotten away from you.  Click here to get $60 off your first three orders!

Pros Of Splendid Spoon

Healthy – They contain all clean ingredients with no added sugar, they are gluten-free, non-GMO, low-sodium, and plant-based. It’s basically fast food you feel good about putting in your body. Each meal is prepared with the good stuff to fuel and nourish your body without the stuff you don’t want. I can honestly tell you I feel better when I eat Splendid Spoon.

Taste – You just can’t beat the taste of these. I’ve tried a number of ready-made food services and Splendid Spoon is by far the best tasting. It’s actually impressive how tasty they are for premade meals. If I do try something that I don’t like (hasn’t happened yet), there are 50 flavors to choose from, so I can just switch it up for my next delivery. 

Ease- You really can’t beat how convenient these are. They are just as easy as a granola bar but way for delicious and better for me.

Bonus? Who doesn’t love free shipping and sustainable packaging?! Double bonus. 

Are There Any Cons To Splendid Spoon?

If you aren’t used to eating a healthy diet and typically eat a lot of fat and sugar, Splendid Spoon meals can be quite a shock at first. But if you give it some time your body will feel much better after making healthier eating decisions. 

The portions can feel smaller for some people, but it’s very easy to add different easy ingredients to satisfy anyone’s appetite and even share 1 meal with the family – https://splendidspoon.com/blog/hack-your-splendid-meals/

Another thing to keep in mind is that eating healthy and buying clean ingredients does cost more than buying easy grab-and-go snacks. The cost of eating healthy is always worth it. If you already buy healthy options and clean ingredients from the grocery store, this should be no different for you. 

My Final Thoughts On Splendid Spoon

If you are a busy mom juggling all the things, or are constantly on the go, I highly recommend you consider giving Splendid Spoon a try. The nourishing, tasty meals are great to kickstart healthy habits. Click here to get $60 off your first three orders!

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