Small Bathroom Organization Ideas

Simple small bathroom organization ideas for storing and organizing in a tiny bathroom

Since my husband and I first moved in together (back in 2006 but who wants to date themselves right) we’ve lived in 7 houses and only one of those had an bathroom closet, and only 2 had drawers in the vanities, So, point I’m making is I’ve gotten pretty good and finding creative storage solutions for small bathrooms. I want to share some of my top tiny bathroom organization with you to help you organize your small bathroom more effectively. 

0:43 Rolling cart for next to toilet or side of vanity

This first trick makes use of some of the unused space in your bathroom. I find many bathrooms have a lot of little unused spaces, such as the side of toilets or up against showers. That’s why I love these skinny rolling carts. They are the perfect thin width to slide into tricky spots and still give you storage for things like toilet paper, towels, and toiletries. 

1:39 Off the counter containers

Hands down one of the hardest parts of small bathrooms is typically their lack of counter space. Put down a toothbrush and hand soap and you’ve basically taken up all available space. That’s why I love using off-the-counter containers like these ones. They are basically little mini floating shelves you can hang just above the counter to store your most used items without giving up precious counter space. And best yet they don’t require any drilling so they are renter-friendly.

2:39 Open shelving

Another option I used in a previous rental bathroom was just to install some basic open shelving above the toilet, which is a great option if you are allowed to drill some holes. I just got the really basic, cheap bracket shelving – because if it’s a rental you likely don’t want to spend a lot. Then, to upgrade the look a little I covered the laminate shelf with a marble contact paper. See my full rental bathroom makeover here.

3:26 Using mirrors more effectively

Mirrors can be a great spot for storage. If you own the house, installing a medicine cabinet style mirror gives you lots of hidden storage space right behind the mirror. But even if you don’t own, you can opt for a hanging a mirror with some additional storage. This mirror in our powder room has a bottom shelf for storing some extra items.

4:55 Add an above bathroom shelf

A great option for bathrooms with some height is to add a shelf up along the ceiling. It adds an entire row of space for storing all types of items in previously unused space. See my full powder room makeover.

5:27 Wrap toilet paper in tissue paper

Another fun little hack if you’re opting for open shelving of any kind like this is you wrap your toilet paper in tissue paper. I know this seems kinda extra but you can literally use the same sheet of tissue paper over and over and just wrap the front rolls to make them look a little nicer sitting on the open shelf.

6:29 Use drawer organizers

Now if you do have any drawers in your bathroom, they can very quickly become a mess of just regular bathroom junk. So, I highly suggest some drawer organizers, I just have these ones from the Dollar Tree. They actually come in packs of 3 for $1 and are perfect for helping you keep bathroom drawers organized. 

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