September & October Favorites

I’ve decided once a month is the perfect frequency for favorites posts for me. Over the past two months we’ve gone from summer to full-on autumn here in Connecticut. It sort of feels like the cold is seeping in earlier than last year. Does that mean we’re in for a long winter?!

Well, before we’ll in winter mode, let’s dive in on some things I LOVED in September and October.

Our New Sofa

Halle-freaking-lujah! Finally, we have a sofa to sit on and I just LOVE IT. We’ve had so much hand-me-down furniture over the years because we never wanted to buy “big” pieces as we were always in rentals. The last thing we wanted was to buy something that didn’t suit our forever home. Now that we own, we feel like we can finally invest in some pieces. This sofa was a bigger purchase for us, especially because we customized the size, but it’s EXACTLY what we wanted. We wanted a camel leather sectional sofa that had a sleeper and that’s exactly what we got. AND we were able to add in two extra pieces to make it larger and fit our space perfectly.

New drugstore beauty favorites

I’ve been purchasing a few new makeup goodies from the drugstore to replenish my stash. There are two standouts for me. First is the Maybelline Super Stay Undereye Concealer, it gives the coverage of the Tarte Shape Tape, but is more of a demi-matte finish so it’s less tacky. Second I’m in love (again) with the Maybelline Brow Dou which has a pencil on one end and a powder on the other – super quick and simple brows. I also LOVE their brow mascara.

Pulling out my favorite fall fashion

’tis the season, am I right? Also, it’s gotten COLD and I pulled out my go-to’s. I definitely keep a smaller wardrobe and wear a lot of the same pieces on repeat. I’m working on a post now with my top cold weather pieces I wear OVER and OVER and OVER.

My favorite lightweight cardigan – I love this cardigan for layering. It’s not too heavy, just the perfect length, lays wonderfully, and has a slightly cinched belt in the back.

My go-to skinny jeans– These are technically “jean leggings” but they are more jean than legging. I have high-waisted ones from postpartum but want to get a pair or two in mid rise. SO comofortable, SUCH good stretch, and hold up amazing.

My sherpa pullover – These are THE best for just lounging around, running errands, etc. I missed wearing it last fall because it was just too hard to nurse in, so I’m wearing them like crazy this year.

Miles’ First Birthday

I want to say “it’s so hard to believe a year has passed” but it’s really not. It’s been the best year with Miles and sometimes it’s hard to remember life without him. A few of my Miles favorites for his birthday is this video of him shaking his booty to Will Smith and this little video collage I made to celebrate him turning 1 year.

Mom Favorites

ChooMee SnakPacks + Pouch Tops: Ok, so I got these for the pouch tops, which are just universal tops to put on top of any toddler pouch that prevents them from squeezing it all out (and all over them and you). It also is designed to slow down the feed so they don’t suck it down in 15 seconds. They are SO good. No more messes when he has a pouch on the go.

But, they also came with some reuseable pouches which I’m actually loving! I was worried they might be a hassle, but they are actually SUPER easy to fill (it has a zip at the bottom) and to clean. I like that I’m not having to buy and throw away a pouch each time and that I can fill it with whatever I want.

Sweet n Swag Moccasins: A friend of mine suggested these and I’ve been loving them. I like how EASY they are to slide on and off, but they stay on really well. And, you can use them sockless which is a big win in my book.

Recent Amazon Wins:

I got this keychain wallet and it’s seriously the best. I love having my wallet and keys together (one less thing to forget.)

We bought two house items for our living room makeover on Amazon. I don’t always get furniture on Amazon because usually, I’d rather spend money on something quality. But, in some cases it makes sense. My rules is typically to spend more money on the items that get a lot of use or are close to your body (mattress, sofa, kitchen appliances), but you can save on items that don’t get touched/handled a lot or are at a distance. For example, we got this new light fixture on Amazon. It hangs up high and isn’t something that ever gets touched. Another example is the new TV Console we got. This thing gets touched maybe once a month and sits over in the corner under the TV, so not something you interact with a lot. These are items I tend to save on – so Amazon was a good option. I’m very pleased with both purchases!

This Amelia Square Neck Dress is a total winner! I grabbed it for a friend’s wedding and it’s just so much more than I could have hoped for. The material is nice and thick so even though it’s a tighter dress, it’s actually really figure-flattering! I got my normal size.


Carnival Row: this is an Amazon Prime original tv series and I HIGHLY recommend it.

This post about The One Thing Nobody Tells You When You Stop Breastfeeding

Found this one from my friend Erica, but it’s what every successful person knows but never says

I’m obsessed with this SO EASY DIY Bubble Chandelier my friend Charlotte created. Best of all it doesn’t even require hard-wiring – it’s all remote!

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