Scarecrow Makeup Tutorial & other thoughts about Halloween

I’m just going to come right out and say it… I don’t really like Halloween.  Okay, okay, everyone slow down for just a quick second while I elaborate.  I don’t like scary.  I don’t like blood.  I don’t like spider webs. I don’t like being surrounded by too many girls wearing too little clothing. You get my drift?  I do, however, like dressing up and candy corn and pumpkin flavored everything.  Basically, I like your grandma’s Halloween.

Now, I don’t dress up for Halloween every year, but when I do it’s always two things: cheap and last minute.  I just can’t swallow spending $55 for a costume that is literally going to fall apart before I even get out the door.  Plus, that doesn’t give my imagination any chance to have some fun.  I prefer waiting until the day before I need an outfit and then showing up at the Goodwill with a $5 bill and sheer desperation.  Last year Michael and I were invited to a last minute Halloween outing and did just that, ending up as a couple from the 50’s.

My favorite kinds of costumes are homemade.  Pieces of this and that, then glued together with a little creativity (and duct tape.)  So, in the spirit of being cheap, or frugal, or last minute, or whatever it is that you want to call it, I recreated a quick little Halloween costume for you all that shouldn’t cost you more than a few dollars (your makeup bag products depending- but you don’t need to follow my instructions step by step!)  Now, I say “recreated” purposefully because I’m not the first genius to think that I could put stitches on my mouth and orange on my nose and call myself a scarecrow.  There are a lot of amazing scarecrow makeup looks out there and I looked at a lot for inspiration without following one in particular.  Just like when I cook something, I often browse multiple recipes picking my favorite parts from each one and then add my own spin. And, that’s just what I did with this look. (Does this suffice as a disclaimer? I’m not a makeup artist.  I didn’t invent the scarecrow.)
My video shows you in detail how to create this “if I only had a brain” look, but for those of you who prefer reading to watching, I’ll briefly explain my process.
1. Using a cosmetic blending sponge and Revlon’s PhotoReady foundation in Vanilla I applied a full face, building up to get a nice “blank” canvas to work with.
2. Using Maybellin’s Dream Lumi Highlighting concealer, I highlighted my under eye area, down the bridge of my nose and across my chin
3. With E.L.F’s eyebrow kit I create a bold brow, so they wouldn’t get lost on my face with all the other things that would be going on.
4. From Urban Decay’s Deluxe Shadow Box palette (swatches here) I swept “honey” all over my primed eyelid and then using a crease brush I pushed “shag” into my crease.
5. With black eyeliner I lined my tight-line and water-line from inner to outer corner and using Wet n Wild’s liquid eyeliner I brushed a thin line along my upper lash line.
6. Next came the scarecrow lashes on my under eye.  I used the Wet n Wild liquid eyeliner but suggest you use whatever liquid or felt-tip liner you’re most comfortable with (and in waterproof if you hope to wear it all night long.)  I freehand drew the lashes, starting at my natural lash line and slowly building up thickness and shape.
7. Using a nude eyeliner I cleaned up the edges around my scarecrow lashes.
8. Maybelline the Falsies onto my upper lashes.
9. With Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti, I created scarecrow cheeks, an orange nose and colored my lips.
10.  Moving over to a felt-tip liner pen by Marabella, I drew on my stitched mouth and nose.
11. Because you can’t have Halloween without glitter (right..?), I used J.Cat’s Cream Glitter Palette and popped the gold color into my tear duct and on the inner half of my eyelids.
12. Lastly I used a white eyeliner to give my orange cheeks a highlight.
And there you have it. Flannel from the boyfriend’s dresser and straw hat from my favorite store in the world, the Dollar Tree, duh.


I’d love to see your Halloween Looks! Please link ’em up!



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