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I want to tell you a quick story. I went to go to college to be a teacher and graduated with a degree in education. I spent 3 years teaching middle and high school, while at the same time starting my this blog, But First, Coffee.

In 2015 I made a big decision to quit my career as a teacher to pursue internet marketing full-time, it was scary and a little bittersweet. As much as I am passionate about search engine marketing (SEM), I’m equally as passionate about educating.

About a year after I quit my teaching career, I started sharing some educational posts here on But First, Coffee about SEO, SEM, and social media marketing…and you guys loved them! These posts got a ton more traffic, triple the comments and engagements and over 600% more social shares. That’s when I had my ah-ha moment….I could combine my two loves: teaching & SEM. That’s how Caffeinate and Conquer was born. Caffeinate and Conquer is a resource for bloggers, social media influencers, and small businesses to grow their online presence. Feel free to head on over to the Caffeinate and Conquer website, or check out some of the resources over there below:

Get a Blog Audit

The blog audit is designed to be customizable to your blog and your needs. It starts with a questionnaire so I can get to know more about you and your blog. In our 45-minute call I’ll cover all aspects of the audit from things you’re doing well to suggestions for improvement. This is meant to be conversational, and you can ask any questions you might have to make it most effective for you. In general, we’ll cover design, content, traffic, SEO, social engagement, and audience. It’s a one-time consultation to help you identify your strengths, pinpoint places for improvement, and discuss pain points.

Free e-course “A Better Blog in 10 Minutes a Day

Want a boost in your traffic? Looking to turn your audience into fans and customers? What to position yourself as an expert? Video is the answer.

 How to Start and Grow a YouTube Channel – Free Book

“How to Start and Grow Your YouTube Channel” is a 21-page e-book that goes over all the basics you need to getting started with a YouTube channel, tips for growing your channel, SEO on YouTube, my suggested shopping guide, and more! Download here

WordPress Support

Who I use for all my WordPress support and maintenance needs.

How to Spring Clean Your Blog

In this post I’ll share some great places to dust, mop, and buff on your blog. These are things that will improve not just the look of your blog, but your SEO, your user engagement, and so on.

Make More Money Blogging

Diversifying your income as a blogger is very important. Not only does it allow you to make more money, but it also protects you from the unexpected.

Get More Views on YouTube

d. There’s nothing worse than spending a lot of time creating awesome video content and then not having anyone to watch it! This post is going to share how you can use YouTube to get more video views in 2017.

Improve Your Facebook Engagement

More than a billion people use Facebook daily which is a big old audience. It also means due to the sheer amount of people and the dreaded “algorithm,” it’s getting tougher and tougher to be successful. In a sea of shallow-deep, skin-surface interactions on social media, the ability to create, produce, and replicate real engagement is what will help you stand out.

Mistakes Your Making with Your Mailing List

our mailing list is your ticket into the inboxes of the people who love what you do and who you are – whether that’s 5 people or 5,000. Mailing lists allow you to stay front of mind of these people- your most invested audience. It allows you to let them know about new posts, announcements, and so on.

Learn Why You Need Video Content on Your Site

Want a boost in your traffic? Looking to turn your audience into fans and customers? What to position yourself as an expert? Video is the answer.

Pinterest Hacks Every Blogger Needs to Know

Pinterest is quickly becoming a blogger’s BFFs as people are getting keen to how powerful it is. Study after study shows bloggers and websites that have optimized their sites for Pinterest and in turn turbo-charged their traffic.

How to Repurpose Old Blog Posts

If you’re a blogger, you’re creating awesome content all the time.But, wracking your brain on Sunday nights on “what the heck am I going to post this week?!” is probably a common occurrence. While continuing to create new and fresh content is important for your blog and your creative process, you probably have some awesome content you’ve already done all the legwork on that you can repurpose!

The Best Blogging Tools

These are my favorite resources for design, lead generation, mailing lists, and more. If you’re a blogger or online business, you’ll really benefit from these great resources and tools.

9 Things You’re Doing That Might Be Hurting Your Blog’s SEO

Are your hurting your own blog’s SEO? The algorithm for ranking high in Google and other SERPs is constantly changing, but there are many things you can do to improve your likelihood of showing up and gaining traffic this way.

How to Work with Brands

Working with brands is a great opportunity, but there are some important things to consider and I have some of my best tips for you. PLUS get free printables for payment tracking, sponsorship planners, and more.

Become a Blog Boss Babe

Your one stop for all things blogging. Education, mentors, online community, and tools that will help you understand blogging techniques, social media skills, and more. All the resources, community, support, and strategies you need, in one spot.

Blog stuff that’s just for fun

What taking Pictures for Your Blog is REALLY like: Some of the common predicaments Michael and I find ourselves in when taking photos for the blog.

How to Write the Perfect Blog Post – insert sarcastic smile here.

Truths About Being a Blogger– the good, the bad, the funny, the honest.

Blog Things I’m Embarrassed That I’ve Done– being a blogger isn’t all fun and games and when faced with certain predicaments, I think we’ve all done things we’re less than proud to admit we’ve done…

Shit That Bloggers Do – ever take photos behind a sketchy liquor store? Yea, me too. #bloglife

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