Ready to Conquer YouTube? The e-course is finally here.

In case you missed my 2,000 hints, didn’t catch the webinar (which you can still watch here if you want) and aren’t on my mailing list… Caffeinate and Conquer had a BIG OLE launch this week.

I launched Conquer YouTube!

This course is an all-in course to learn everything you need to know to develop a successful YouTube channel and get video views. The course is broken into 4 modules (so it’s almost like 4 courses for the price of one!)

Conquer YouTube | E-course on growing a successful YouTube channel

Did you know that video content makes up more than 70% of all content consumed on the internet and is growing every year?

How about that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine next to Google and the 3rd most visited website next to Google and Facebook?

With over a billion users and five billion video views each day, YouTube presents SO MANY opportunities to bloggers, entrepreneurs, and social media influencers. YouTube will allow you to grow your audience, increase your conversions, and get more engagement. Video content is going to be SO important in 2017 and beyond – read more about that in my recent post, 5 Reasons You Need Video Content For Your Brand. Right NOW is the time to learn how to create successful videos.

Luckily, I’ve created Conquer YouTube to get you up to speed. From creating amazing, engaging, well-produced videos, to hacking the YouTube algorithm and getting views and subscribers, this course is EVERYTHING you need to know to create a successful channel.

What Will You Learn in Conquer YouTube?

  • How to get views for your videos and subscribers for your channel
  • Strategies and best practices for filming setup, equipment, and editing
  • How to create engaging videos people want to watch
  • Actionable steps to optimize your channel and videos
  • How to break through the YouTube algorithm so your video get suggested
  • A channel strategy that helps you stand out
  • No fluff. Just real strategies that I KNOW work. Conquer YouTube is an all-in course designed to help you become confident creating videos and give you the knowledge to grow a successful channel. This course tells you the exact methods I use on my own channel each and every week including some hands-on demos and tutorials.


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What’s inside?

  • Module One – Production: The best equipment for creating YouTube videos, pre-production strategies to get setup for success, hands-on demo of how I setup my filming space and lighting best practices
  • Module Two – Getting Views: How to optimize your channel for more views, how to create engaging videos people LOVE to watch, how to break the YouTube algorithm and show up in suggested videos
  • Module Three – Getting Subscribers: Learn how to get a viewer to convert into a subscriber, define your target audience and what they like, develop a stronger understanding of your current audience.
  • Module Four – Channel Strategy: The five pillars EVERY YouTube channel needs – and how to get them, how to craft your channel mission, my secret to developing a posting schedule to get new subs and make your current subs happy
  • WORKBOOK: Over 45 pages of lessons, worksheets, checklists, planners, and cheat sheets to help you take action.


STOP struggling to grow your channel.

STOP posting videos you’re proud of, only to get a handful of views

START growing a successful channel with videos people want to watch.

START Conquering YouTube. Get $99 off Conquer YouTube for being a But First, Coffee reader! Use the code “99OFF” to get $99 off the course Enroll now!

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