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you don't have to be pretty like her
We tend to always think of comparisons as bad, but I think they can either good OR bad.

When we compare ourselves to one another in order to develop compassion and understanding then comparison is good. We can use it as means of juxtaposition in order to better understand and appreciate someone else.  It can be used to become more compassionate and empathetic to other people with different lives.

But, too often we don’t use it this way. We use it badly. We compare ourselves and are instead left wanting. We wish we had their hair, their money, their abs, their skin, their job, their life. We use it to build someone else up in our mind while tearing ourselves down.

As has been said before, “comparison is the thief of joy,” and this is certainly true when you’re comparing the wrong way. You can’t compare and assume you’re comparing apples to apples.  Instead, you must compare assuming you’re comparing an apple to a flower. Both have things that are wonderful but they are both so different. One is sweet and nutritious and shiny and bright red. One is soft and dangly and colorful and blooms.

Both are perfect in their own ways and perfect for being that way. Such as it is with us, humans. You shouldn’t look at someone and want to be pretty like them, or funny like them, or perfect like them. You want to be pretty and funny and perfect like you.

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