Personal Gift Ideas for New Moms or Moms-to-be

I get messages on Instagram all the time from people asking for good gift ideas for new moms or a mom-to-be. Typically, it’s someone buying for a close friend or family member who wants to get something personal but also useful and helpful.

I figured I’d tackle the idea in a blog post because there are a lot of unique ideas you could do depending on who you’re shopping for! Personally, when I shop for a baby shower, I like to do a gift basket. Gift baskets allow me to get some stuff off the person’s registry (because let’s be honest, they registered for it for a reason: they need/want it) but also allows you to get a few extra fun/personalized items!

Personal Gift Ideas for New Moms or Moms-to-be

Felt Board
First things first, felt boards look AMAZING in a gift basket. So, if you’re crafting a basket for a baby shower you can write a cute note on the board and stick it in the basket and it looks awesome. But, a new momma will totally use this for taking pictures of their baby such as birth announcements, holiday cards, and monthly shots! I added one to a good friend’s gift basket and her shower and she uses the board ALL the time.

Unique or Personalized Toy
A unique stuffed toy or teether can be a great personalized gift. There are so many great options out there allowing you to pick something just right. Some of my favorites are the Hallmark Baby plush toys which you can get personalized with the baby’s name – and they go on sale all the time! Cuddle + Kind toys are adorable and donate 10 meals to children in need for every purchase. I also love the Jack & Bay teethers, Miles adores his and they can also be ordered customized with baby’s name.

Nursing PJs
Let’s face it, momma’s spend the first 4-8 weeks in pajamas, whipping their boob out every 2-3 hours. So, why not give them something to make things comfortable and easy. I LIVED in my nursing nightgowns for the first 2 months and still wear them all the time.

This might seem silly but it’s probably one of the most practical gifts out there and a perfect thing to bring if you’re visiting the new baby. The first full day I was home with Miles it was 9pm before I realized I hadn’t eaten anything all day. The next day I did a little better making it to 4pm before eating. Finally, I smartened up and kept little snacks everywhere (nightstand, nursery, sofa, diaper bag). Bring mom (and dad) anything easy and portable to eat, like granola bars, and they’ll forever be grateful.

Board Books
In my opinion, a book is always a good gift for baby or child. If you’re gifting to a newborn, I like high contrast black and white books because the baby can actually enjoy the images (babies only see high contrast black and white at first).

Revlon One Step Dryer
Every mom needs this hair tool. Ok, maybe that’s dramatic, but honestly, this has cut my hair care time down to about 6 minutes and I know so many other moms and women who use this thing and adore it. Time for self-care with a baby is hard to come by.  Anything that makes hair/beauty easier is a win.

Cute Tumbler
Nursing makes you thirsty but sometimes you always find yourself sitting down without a water cup! A tumbler like this Yeti one will get used A TON by a new mom, trust me.

High Waisted Compression Leggings
Not only does a new mom live in leggings postpartum, but these offer high waisted compression so they will give support to the belly area which (trust me) new mommas want.

Baby Quilt
We were gifted two small quilts for Miles and use them both ALL THE TIME. They feel so special because they are handmade, but they are insanely useful. We throw them on the ground so Miles can have tummy time anywhere (living room, office, nursery, wherever). If you’re handy, handmaking one is great, but luckily you can get beautiful handmade ones on Etsy, I ADORE this artist who makes personalized quilts with baby’s name. Or, this store sells really unique, modern patterns.

MAMA Necklace
Will someone buy me this? I love love love these mama necklaces and they are such a special and unique gift that any mom will cherish.

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