Pantry Organization

The new kitchen is BASICALLY complete and I got to “move in” to the pantry this week. I’m sharing a little look at some of the pantry organization items I used.

Pantry Organization Tips:

  • Keep like items together. I have dinner essentials like pasta, broths, and canned goods on the first shelf, breakfast and spreads on the second, snacks on the third, and baking essentials on the last shelf.
  • Have a separate overstock area. Sometimes we buy in bulk or stock up on a sale. I keep overstock items that are currently in use stored separately from the day-to-day stuff to keep it from bogging it down and making it cluttered.
  • Decant. I take A LOT of things out of the bags and boxes they come in for more accessible storage. It keeps things looking clean and tidy, it’s WAY easier to manage, take stock of how much you have, and store/stack. It takes a little bit of effort to maintain your items this way, but I find in the long run saves me a lot of time and frustration. Anything that doesn’t get decanted can go into the “overstock” area I mentioned above.
  • Use bins and shelf dividers to help keep like items together.

Pantry Organization Items Shown:

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