The One-Minute Updo


Ooo-eeey, friends. It’s been warm around these parts this summer and I’ve been LOVIN’ it! Besides the risk of sweating through your silk top or the chance of melted makeup face, one thing that’s never safe from the heat is your hair. At a certain point, no amount of serum or hairspray can control the frizz, and for that very reason, I always have a few updo hairstyles up my sleeve so I can still look put together in the heat. And, with it being wedding season, having one that is chic enough to wear with a cocktail dress is a must-have.


This updo is one I wear a lot and I actually wore it to a recent wedding where it sparked a couple of fellow guest-goers to ask if I had gotten my hair done for the wedding! I couldn’t believe that this hair-do that takes SECONDS was chic enough to produce such questions. So, I figured I should share the wealth with you and show you how I do my one-minute updo that makes you look chic and put together for any special event.


Step 1: Pull the two front section of your hair forward.
Step 2: Pull the back section back, and twist into a bun. Secure it with a hair tie.
Step 3: Take one of the front sections and loosely pull it back wrapping it around the bun from the top, and pinning it in place.
Step 4: Take the other front section and repeat the same step, wrapping it around the bun and pinning it into place.
Step 5: In the front, pull a few pieces down in the front and then loosely push the top of the hair forward to soften and loosen the hairstyle.

Viola! You’re done and in mere seconds! Wasn’t that easy?! A good spray if hairspray and you’re good to go.



This updo is sure to get you through all your summer weddings and is dance-all-night approved…trust me, I’ve tested it.

If you’re in the need of some other easy hairstyles, you’re in luck because I’ve got some more for you in the below video!

10 MORE super simple updo hairstyles anyone can do

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