New Year, New Me (and other lies we tell ourselves)


Well, friends, we’ve made it. 2017 is here. We can stop talking about how bad 2016 was now, right?

New Year, New Me. How many times did you hear that this week?  I just never really understood this slogan.

Firstly, I can’t understand how the clock striking midnight can all the sudden spur all the changes inside of you.   Change and growth doesn’t happen overnight. It doesn’t happen by setting really HUGE, unattainable goals for ourselves and waiting for some magic day to start pursuing them. Change happens slowly. It happens by setting small goals that will lead you to larger goals. It happens when things you didn’t expect to happen do happen.  And, how you react to these unexpected things.

Secondly, why should we aspire to be “new?”   Sure, we should always strive to be better versions of ourselves.  But, to be a whole new you? This, I have to disagree with. You are you. In fact, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but you are you…for your whole life. Yup, stuck with yourself for the rest of your life.

Contrary to how the beginning of this post might sound, today’s post is not designed to be pessimistic about New Year’s resolutions. In fact, it’s really just the opposite.  I think the New Year brings so many people hope and reassurance.  People set resolutions to help them become better versions of themselves in the new year and find new ambition and drive.

But, instead of casting good riddance to 2016 and valiantly declaring you’ll be a new person in 2017…I want to suggest something different.

Instead, take a moment to look back at 2016 and reflect. Then, use this reflection going forward into 2017.

In our constant pursuit of trying to become “better,” we forget to appreciate all the strides we’ve made.  So, reflect. Look at where you were January of 2016. You may not have accomplished all your goals or met all your resolutions, but certainly you’ve grown. Think about your growth, your struggles, your achievements, your downfalls… and use this reflection moving into 2017.

My 2016 was a mixture of many things. I become a wife, in what was the happiest day of my life. We spent 10 days exploring Peru for our Honeymoon, a beautiful and humbling country. I launched Caffeinate and Conquer, a dream I’d aspired to for a long while. But, I also struggled. I spent many days contemplating my own journey. I had times of reflection where I let jealousy take over. I had hardships I don’t share here and battled my own internal conflicts.

2016 wasn’t perfect. But, these years are the years that make up my life and my own personal journey.  So, in this year I’m not joining the chant of “new year, new me.” Instead, I’ll look back and what I learned in 2016, embrace how I’ve grown, and use this when setting my goals for 2017.

I’ll take what I’ve learned and use it to continue to pursue being a better me, not a new me.

As you look forward to what 2017 holds, I hope you remember that an important aspect of moving forward is reflecting on the past. Set goals that make sense for your own personal journey and continue to work towards being a better version of yourself, not a new version of yourself.

I wish you health and happiness in 2017. And, I also wish you growth and learning experiences. Here’s to a new year of adventures!

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