My Productive Morning Routine

I share a lot of productivity tips and hacks on my blog and YouTube channel. Recently, I shared my Productive Morning Habits and I also shared some Productivity Mom Hacks. But, these posts are basically lists of things I do. So, in this post, I wanted to bring you along on a typical morning in my life to try to give a real-life example of how I use some of these tips in hopes to help make it a little more applicable.

A few tips mentioned in this video:

Definitely make sure to check out my Productive Morning Habits for all my productive tips for a good morning. But, I called out a few extra things when sharing a real life example in this video.

Be flexible with your routine

One thing I’ve found that’s been really helpful is to be constantly willing to adjust and update your routines. When you notice that something in your routine isn’t working, or that there’s a place in your life you can’t be productive or you’re struggling to keep up – try to evaluate that. What can you do differently? Is there a change to your habits or routine that could improve this?

Schedule, schedule, schedule

Sometimes calendars and schedules seems like they are for work and not home life, but I find they help SO much in family life. By scheduling certain aspects of our family life, it allows us to not only be more productive, but also just achieve the things we want to.

Here’s a few examples of what I mean:

  • Meal planning: We plan a whole week’s worth of dinners at once. This way we know exactly what’s for dinner each night. There’s never a scramble to figure out what to eat. See my full meal planning guide here (and get my meal planning printables)
  • Family meals: It’s important for us to have dinners as a family. BUT….sometimes adult-only dinners is nice too (there’s something special about eating without wiping yogurt or picking spoons up off the floor). That’s why we literally schedule family dinners/adult dinners. In our house, Mondays and Wednesdays are family dinners. We usually end up having one other family dinner night, but we at least always know Monday/Wednesday is 6:00 family dinner night.
  • Working mornings: With quarantine, I’ve lost a HUGE chunk of my working time since I’m home with Miles full time (he used to go to daycare 2x week). So, we’ve had to be flexible with our routine, and find time when I can work. So, during stay-at-home orders, Michael now wakes up with us 3x a week and I work. We literally schedule this in, it’s every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Michael knows he’s getting up and I know I’m working.

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