The Best Hair Hacks


In this post I’m sharing my favorite hair hacks with you! I am honestly SO lazy when it comes to my hair. I rarely want to spend the time to mess with it.  So, these hacks keep my hair routine just THAT much easier.

The Best Hair Hacks


ONE: Get a perkier pony tail with two hair ties.
Start by sectioning your hair into the top and bottom and pin the top up and out of the way. Pull the bottom section into a high pony tail. Now, simply gather the top section into a section pony tail, and secure it to the first. This double pony tail is going to give the effect of a perkier, more lifted pony tail.


TWO: Get the most out of your hair masks
Next time you apply your favorite hair mask, wrap your hair in a plastic bag. Take your blow dryer and warm the entire area, warming up the hair strands. When the hair is warmed is it allows the hair follicles to open up, giving the mask a chance to penetrate the hair strands. After you have the hair completely warmed, allow it to cool all the way back down, this closes the hair strands’ follicles, sealing in the moisture. You’re going notice your hair is even shinier and healthier than usual!

THREE: Use dry shampoo more effectively
Get into the habit of using your dry shampoo at night, before bed, instead of in the morning. This gives the dry shampoo overnight to work its magic on your hair.

FOUR: Get more hold from your bobby pins.
Before using, spray the bobby pins with a little hair spray and let it dry. This makes them sticky and will give them a ton more hold, preventing them from sliding around during the day!


While we’re on the topic of bobby pins…
FIVE: Paint some bobby pins with brightly colored nail polish.
Then, once dry, you can use these to jazz up a simple pull-back or create a fun design with them. It’s an easy way to jazz up any hairstyle.


SIX: Help your curls last all day.
The key to getting curls to last is letting them cool in the curl formation. When you curl your hair, drop the curl spiral into your hand. Taking a bobby pin, simply pin this spiral to your head. You’re going to let it hang out like this, until the entire strand has cool. What I usually do it move on to the next strand, and by the time that curl is and pinned, the first one is all cooled off and ready to come down. So basicially continue this pattern of curling, pinning, and letting down all the way around the head. Now you’ll have curls that will hold up a lot longer!


SEVEN: Get a fuller looking braid:
To do this, you’re going to simply take a regular braid and pull on the strands, loosening the briad and making it look thicker and wider.

EIGHT: Make a braid with no hair tie.
Start off like any old normal braid, but as you go don’t pull the ends all the way through. You’ll notice along the bottom the ends will look like their are sort of knotting up, but it’s actually just a kind of reserve braid. When you get to the end and can’t braid any further, take the bottom and pull it through the reamining hole. This will hold the braid in place for a messy, organic looking braid, that didn’t require any hair ties at all.

NINE: Make your hair smell heavenly!
Spray your hairbrush with a tiny bit of perfume before you brush your hair. This immediately gives your hair a long lasting scent. My only note is to only use one or two sprays of perfume because it usually contains alcohol so it can be drying.

What are your favorite hair hacks?



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