Must-Have Dollar Tree Kitchen Items

The Dollar Tree is a great place to get kitchen products. I don’t think they are all well-worth it, but I do have some kitchen favorites. Today I’m sharing the best best best kitchen products you can get for $1 at the Dollar Tree

Dinnerware– Honestly, the dinnerware and Dollar Tree impresses me every time. For only a dollar! It’s better quality than other affordable options like IKEA, in my opinion, and holds up really well. There’s an amazing variety from just plain white to seasonal patterns. They often have plastic sets as well for outdoor dining that is really nice quality.

Must-Have Dollar Tree Kitchen Items

Betty Crocker Cooking Utensils – I had found that a good majority of the Better Crocker brand cooking items are great quality for a dollar. I have a spatula that I’ve been using for over 12 years!

Best Kitchen Items at Dollar Tree | Must-Have Dollar Tree Kitchen Items

Power Clips– The power clips at the Dollar Tree (bags for chips, cereal, etc.) are hands down the best ones I’ve found. I’ve bought so many bad multi-purpose clips at the grocery store that don’t hold or fall apart. I have sets of power clips from the Dollar Tree I’ve been using for years. And I love that you can get multiple sizes.

Foil Sheets – While I haven’t found tin foil to be cheaper at my Dollar Tree I have found that the precut foil sheets (like these) are cheaper than Walmart or the grocery store. I like these little foil sheets because they are easy for quick storage. So if you see them at your store, snag them!

Best Kitchen Items at Dollar Tree

Brillo Pads- If you use Brillo pads in your kitchen the Dollar Tree is the bet price you’ll find. I’ve price compared at the grocery store, Walmart and Amazon.

Cling Wrap- I’ve found the Glad Cling Wrap is a cheaper price per sq/ft at my Dollar Tree than my grocery store. It’s a smaller box, but still cheaper. So, it’s a good thing to grab there. I will note, however, if you really shop around like Walmart or sales, you probably can find it cheaper sometimes.

Best Kitchen Items at Dollar Tree

Mini Glass Food Prep Bowls – I love these bowls and feel like they are probably so often overlooked. They are just little bowls you get 4 of them for $1 and there are SO MANY helpful uses for them. I use them to make up sauces, prep herbs/chopped veggies/nuts, use them as condiments bowls, use the on charcuterie boards, etc. Trust me, once you have them you’ll find endless uses for them.

Best Kitchen Items at Dollar Tree

Paper Straws- The Dollar Tree always has adorable paper straws in seasonal patterns. I always grab them when I’m shopping and my husband and I use them for all our drinks!

Adhesive Shelf Liner– The shelf liner at the Dollar Tree is basically just patterned contact paper. I never overlook these because they can be SO useful for crafts! Check out a Dollar Tree storage bin makeover I did with them.

Best Kitchen Items at Dollar Tree

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